Where to Fish in Buckinghamshire

The most comprehensive list of carp fisheries in Buckinghamshire

Where to Fish in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is home to some of the most prestigious carp that swim, a county steeped in history with some very old carp still residing.

From hundreds of miles of carp-rich rivers, to reservoirs, sparse open gin-clear lakes that hardly see an angler and lakes stocked to brim with double figure carp, choosing where to fish in Buckinghamshire can be difficult.

There are so many options available to anglers in Buckinghamshire.

Choosing Where to Fish

Buckinghamshire is a large county boasting a huge number of venues to target; whether you’re pinpointing ancient mirrors in forgotten ponds to hauling sessions on well-stocked day tickets.

The problem is though that many of these venues offer little or no information on current stocks, prices, availability and rules to the angler looking for a new lake, river or canal.

If you’re like me then this is a minefield and often leads to you choosing the same venues you’ve fished before rather than expanding your horizons.

Our aim is to get that information for you, give you everything you need to know to try somewhere knew and not worry about turning up unprepared or unaware of strange rules that you wouldn’t usually need to consider.

So, if you are wondering where to fish in Buckinghamshire for carp this weekend, we’ve done the leg work for you. We’re talking strictly carp venues here, not mixed coarse fisheries or match venues.

If you’d like to add a venue, let us know.

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