Mount Farm Lake, Milton Keynes

Mount Farm is an absolutely stunning and tranquil water of 18-acres in Milton Keynes with mint carp up to just under 40lb

Mount Farm Key Details

Day ticket, syndicate or holiday booking: Club
Realistic catch rate: 1 carp a session is a good catch rate
How much: £65 for 3 rod ticket
Best swim(s): No hot swims.
How do I get a ticket: Local tackle shops
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Usually a few members on all year round
Location: Central MK
Can you drive to the swims: No
Best method: Pop ups on clear spots
On site facilities: None.
Best bait: Pop ups
Average size: 20lb
Max realistic size: 40lb

Mount Farm Lake, Milton Keynes

Mount Farm is a cracking club venue in the middle of Milton Keynes, right next to the football stadium, which makes match-days an interesting day!

It’s an 18-acre low stock gravel pit, crystal clear and full of weed which all combined make it an epic water for those looking for a challenge, some solitude and to fish in mature surroundings.

Soaking your baits for a few days before your session has been a proven edge at Mount Farm

Chris Hamilton

This weedy gravel pit is not for the faint-hearted, good strong rigs, rods and tactics give you an advantage but this is a water for those looking for a tranquil challenge for some old gnarly fish.

Because of the weed, pop ups are usually the go-to for most anglers here and for good reason, they produce fish, more than bottom baits.

A good glug of flavours on your freebies too will bring them in if they’re in the mood but they’re often put off by new bait. So I’d suggest soaking your baits a few days in advance, ideally in lake water, this will add some confidence to their feeding habits.

Most rigs involving pop ups have done well for me, most notably a snowman on a clear spot, but be sure you’re on a clear spot as you have to maximise your opportunities.

My 3 top tips for new anglers on Mount Farm. would be to maximise your marker rod work, don’t worry about spending a few hours finding spots, this is an investment in to your future fishing.

Secondly, finding the fish, more than with many waters in the area, because of the low stock finding them if possible is by far the biggest tip on Mount Farm. If you can have a ‘home spot’ that you keep the bait trickling in to and keep on your toes for moving fish, even better.

Lastly, when they do feed here, a good bed of bait has proven successful.

Pay attention to the wind when you arrive and check it a few days in advance, they love a new wind, particularly a warm one.

In the summer months they come right in to the edge so stalking can work really well under the vast amount of bank-side features.

A well placed PVA bag can do the business right under your rod tip.

In winter they push out to the deeper middle part of the lake and can be targeted fishing singles at range, move regularly and try new spots.

The angling community on Mount Farm is great, it’s a real club feel and most members will be more than happy to chat over a cuppa and provide any advice you need.

A lovely water in central MK, for me Mount Farm is a cracker and one I can’t wait to get back to.

Mount Farm Lake Rules

Catch & release only?: Yes
Fish care rules: No wading or sacking fish.
Rig rules: 15lb minimum mainline
Can I use spods/spombs?: Yes
Other rules: No bait boats.

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