Carplantis, Holland

Carplantis provides peaceful fishing for huge carp in the beautiful country of Holland.

Big carp in beautiful, peaceful surroundings

Fishing at Holland's premier big carp water.


Big Fish Potential

Fish Condition

On Site Facilities

Swim Comfort

Value For Money

Key Details

Day ticket, syndicate or holiday booking: One whole week only, Friday to Friday
Realistic catch rate: Several fish are possible
How much: Price per pair, per week is € 795, - (€ 397,50 p.p.p.w)
Best swim(s): Varies
How do I book:
Skill level to catch: Experienced
How busy is it: You book your pegs
Location: Drenthe, Holland
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
Best method: Varies depending on time of year
On site facilities: Wetroom, Shower, Toilet, Washing Bowl, Freezer For Bait, Fridge
Best bait: Boilies and zigs
Nearest tackle shop: N/A
Ideal fishing range: Varies from swim to swim
Average size: 30lb plus
Max realistic size: 60lb

Carplantis, Holland

In the beautiful countryside of Drenthe, near the town of Rolde, lies the carp water Carplantis. This 17-acre quarry is specifically designed for fishing for carp. There are four, very large, double swims to make sure there is more than enough space for every angler.

The carp stock in Carplantis is unique by Dutch standards, with an average weight of the carp well above thirty pounds, with a very large number of those fish over the forty pounds mark.

See Steve Briggs target Carplantis below

But over the course of a week I would still expect to be able to carve out opportunities even if the bulk of the fish are not in front of you

Neil Spooner

You’ll need these for your trip to Carplantis!

What is it like?

Carplantis is a very mature lake and is completely tree lined with a very diverse carp stock, the smaller fish being upper twenties. There are a couple of fish that top the 60lb mark.

There are around 250 in total and the average size is between 38lb-42lb depending on the time of year. The stock boasts commons, mirrors, heavily plated and zip linears, this is definitely not a lake where all fish loom the same.

The owner has handpicked all the fish, as he owns one of the largest carp farm businesses in the Netherlands. In fact, he supplies over 20 tons of carp a year in the Netherlands!

Carplantis, Holland

The fishing is very much your more typical European style and both Boats and Baitboats are allowed. However, with only 4 double swims on 17 acres, there is plenty of space to put them to good use without being bothered by other anglers. So, no spodding or casting needed, unless you really want too!

It’s recommended to play the fish from the boat, which gives the fishing a whole new dimension if you’ve never done that. Playing big carp on a short leash is very exciting where you bring the fight to the fish. The available boats are very safe and sturdy and come fully equipped with an electric outboard and echosounder. Of course, there are life jackets on site to use.

Carplantis, Holland

The swims are very comfortable and large enough to put two, 2 man bivvies on. They are built into the lake so you sit on top of the water with the tree line at your back. Every swim has got 230v electric, 5G WiFi and a tap for drinkable tap water, it really does have all creature comforts!

Carplantis is a squarish shape lake with a swim positioned in every corner. All 4 swims have got their own features but also different techniques to approach. With the right approach every swim is equally good. The only variable is that the fish have tails and swim exactly where they want too!

Sometimes the weather pushes them more in a certain area of the lake for some time, like on any other lake. But, over the course of a week I would still expect to be able to carve out opportunities even if the bulk of the fish are not in front of you. Swims are decided by a draw.

Carplantis fishing holiday, Holland

Because Carplantis is quite a deep lake, with depths up to 45ft, you will find the fish in different places at different times of year. During the Spring, you will mainly find them in the margins up to depths of 15ft. During the summer, this varies between 3ft at night and 23ft during the day.

From September onwards to December you can find them in all layers of the water table up to depths of 35ft.

With high air pressures like in Summer, zig fishing can be quite prolific. When air pressures drop, a big bed of bait made up out of boilie, pellet and hemp work really well. Fishing solid PVA bags with short rigs work really well for numbers, where longer rigs sometimes single out some better fish.

Carplantis fishing holiday, Holland

Top Tips

-Spool up with a good sinking mono of 15lb. You can use this line for either bottom or zig fishing. Fluoro will give you problems if you with zig fishing because it’s to heavy.

-Bring soft rod because you will not need to cast. Boats and baitboats are allowed.

-During my stay I caught on a variety of tactics from adjustable zigs to combi rigs and a few on solid bags too.

Go with an open mind and be prepared to adapt to the conditions but above all else, listen to the guys on site, they know their fish and know how to catch em too!

Be lucky!

Carplantis residents

Carplantis Rules

Catch & release only?: Yes!
Are there swim boundaries: You must stick to your swim
Are mats provided?: YES and you must use them
Are bait boats allowed?: Yes
Are boats allowed?: Yes, provided on site
Bait rules: No tiger nuts or peanuts
Hook pattern rules: No Long Curved Shank hooks, Korda Crank, Fox series 5, Long Shank Nailer etc, No Ronnie Rigs, 360 rigs or multi rigs allowed/
Fish care rules: Unhooking mats compulsory
Parking rules: Dedicated car parks near swims
Rig rules: Safe ones
Can I use spods/spombs?: Yes
How many rods?: Three
Are dogs allowed?: Yes, if discussed prior to booking
Is there an age limit?: Under 16's to be accompanied by adult
Can I use particles: Yes, tiger nuts and peanuts are banned


Carplantis holds some incredible looking carp and some large ones too. If you want some peaceful, enjoyable holiday angling, give it a visit.

Neil Spooner

Best known for his appearances on Monster Carp, ITV, Neil Spooner is a well known, respected angler, targeting big-carp across the world.


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