Clattercote Reservoir

The reservoir fishes all-year round even in the depths of winter

Clattercote Reservoir

Well stocked with hundreds of really hard-fighting fish, Clattercote is a mega place for getting bites throughout the year and they succumb to a multitude of tactics.

It is very similar to its sibling water Drayton Reservoir (another old British Waterways venue), stocked to the hilt with small carp that have now reached decent sizes.

Clattercote however, contains plenty of other species too, which suits many pleasure anglers, but it also means the carp anglers should take note.

There is a huge number of swims at Clattercote, over 130 pegs with the majority on wooden platforms so make sure you bring a pod or stage stand.

Clattercote Reservoir

Tickets: Day ticket
How much: £20 for 24 hours, £10 per day (two rods)
How to book: On the bank
How busy: Can be busy at weekends but lots of pegs
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: Toilets
Average Size: 10lb
Max size: 30lb
Realistic catch rate: Big hits possible
Best swims: Middle of the lake and islands in summer
Best rig: Simple knotless knot with a grain of fake corn
Best bait: Pellets and corn
Ideal experience level to catch: Beginner

It is an interesting venue with plenty of features to fish to

Christian Mann

Clattercote is a great lake of around 21 acres at a guess, with loads of fish to go at. It offers a great chance at catching a 20lb carp and what’s more they fight like crazy!

It is an interesting venue with plenty of features to fish to. That can be targeting them in the middle of the lake, against the islands, even under the boards in the warmer months – it really can be awesome fishing. I’ve seen people catch them right under their feet, literally!

There’s no need to overcomplicate things at Clattercote. A simple hair rig system, complete with balanced fake corn works wonders on most days, but the most important factor is to find those fish. They aren’t shy in showing themselves so just look at the water and you’ll locate them.

I do like to fish with a small mesh bag of mixed pellet around 40 yards out, I just nick this onto the hook prior to casting out.

For me, the best swims tend to be middle of the lake either side. Boilies also work well to get amongst the bigger fish.

Clattercote Reservoir

Fish care: Must have carp care and unhooking mat.
Mainlines: No braid (except spod and marker)
Hooks: Barbless only
Bait rules: No tiger nuts, peanuts or cork

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