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You can submit a venue and give your favourite venue the credit that it deserves

Submitting a venue to Gilly is easy

Gilly aims to become the home of incredible angling venues across the world; carp, predator, sea, trout, coarse and holiday.

Though we’re early in our journey and have largely started with carp and holiday venues in the UK and Europe, we will feature all types of fishing in time and are more than happy to publish ANY venue type the world over, as long as the info is good.

To submit a venue you have two options


If you’re an angler and simply want to publish some content on your favourite venue it’s 100% free to submit a venue. We will publish the information you send as long as it offers great insight to our users and we’re happy to edit so don’t worry if you’re not hugely confident with content creation.

To submit a venue as an angler use this online form >>>

Owners, guides or bailiffs

We charge a small monthly fee (from as little as £9 a month) for venues, guides, bailiffs or anyone else who is a stakeholder in a venue to publish content on Gilly.

Venues submitted by owners receive far more traffic, interaction from our audience and promotion by Gilly.

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