Carp Fishing in France

The most comprehensive list of holiday carp fishing lakes in France with all the information you need to catch.

Carp Fishing in France

France is now home to some breath-taking fish.

Ever since us anglers started flocking over in our tens of thousands each year, the carp have gotten bigger and bigger, with records not far off reaching 3-figures on a consistent basis.

Here’s our list of must-see venues.

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Where to fish in France

Carp fishing in France has become an annual event for many of us, but most tend to stick to the same venues thanks to the lack of knowledge and information of new places.

So, we have started assembling a must-see list of carp fishing venues in France, we believe all of these are worth a look, for different reasons.

Some of these French carp lakes are famed for their huge fish, some are great holiday and family venues, others are off the beaten track venues that will really get your carp fishing juices flowing.

Carp fishing in France isn’t for everyone, but it really is a must-try, if you haven’t been already then you really should.