Etang De Cherpont, France

A very productive water set in fantastic scenery with some big carp to go at

Etang De Cherpont

Day ticket, club or syndicate: Holiday venue
Realistic catch rate: 10 fish a session
How much: £470 per week PP
How do I get a ticket: Contact -
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Lots of space
Location: Limousin region
Can you drive to the swims: Some yes
On site facilities: Cafe, tackle shop, toilets, showers, refreshments
Best bait: Boilies and particles
Average size: 34lb plus
Max realistic size: 64lb

Etang De Cherpont

Cherpont is a very friendly lake set amongst 65 acres of countryside in the rolling hills of the Limousine region in Central Massif France.

The lake was created in the early 19h century, thus giving it a Cassini status.

It is river fed and very mature so you can be assured that the carp grow natural in this rich surroundings. The banks are tree lined and there are beautiful views of the surrounding hills and countryside.

There are 20 fish approximately over 50lb so there is definitely the chance of a PB

Dan Erb

What’s it like?

The lake is around 39 acres with a high stock of carp average around 34lb. There are 20 fish approximately over 50lb so there is definitely the chance of a PB. The lake is nice and quiet because a maximum of 15 anglers can fish at any one time and choose from 21 swims. It therefore gives you the option to move if you wish.

The swims are easily accessible by path and you can drive to the furthest peg.


Don’t just begin your session by dumping a load of bait in, try to build your swims little and often with a high quality bait. The lake is quite silty and some areas can be anything between 6in-12in so bear that in mind when choosing baits and rigs. Something that won’t taint too much and a rig that will combat the silt is preferable.

Try nice long hook lengths and critically balanced baits as these won’t bury away too far in the silt.

Like anywhere, the carp do show themselves, so if they are not there, be prepared to move. Keep an eye on the water as much as possible.


  • If using the transport company, Wide Boy Bedchairs, Courtesy Chair, Unhooking Mats, Water Buckets and Recovery Slings will be provided (no need to bring your own!). ¬†Those driving, bring their own.
  • The lodge, recently modernised, has an elevated patio area over-looking the lake, which is used for breakfast and evening meals.
  • Fully tiled shower room with power shower
  • Outside kitchen area for anglers
  • Toilets
  • Satellite TV
  • Free WiFi
  • Tackle shop, where you will be able to obtain your shelf life and freezer baits, Particles, Pellets and basic fishing 24hrs.
  • A wide range of refreshments available for purchase.

Etang De Cherpont Rules

Bait rules: No nuts
Hook patterns: Barbed or barbless
Mainline: No braid
Carp care: All is provided
Other rules: Baitboats only on exclusive bookings and winter

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