Lac Les Pins, France

Set in peaceful, French countryside this is a great venue to target for a PB and the average size is very large

Lac Les Pins, Key Details

Day ticket or syndicate: Holiday Venue
Realistic catch rate: Multiple hits possible
How much: £625 for the holiday package, lake exclusive possible
How do I get a ticket: Book before you go
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Usually plenty of options
Location: France
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
On site facilities: Cafe, toilets, showers, electric, food and refreshments , 24 hour staff
Best bait: Icelandic Red with Caviar & Cranberry (Carp Company) , mixed with Coppens pellets
Average size: 42lb
Max realistic size: Over 71lb

Lac Les Pins

Also known as The Lake Of Pines, Lac Les Pins is set in the most stunning and idyllic rural location. It is incredibly relaxing and you are sure to enjoy the tranquil surroundings that it has to offer.

The lake itself is in a very secluded location, thus boasts some magnificent wildlife such as wild boar and other wonderful creatures such as deer.

The sunrises and sunsets are a sight to behold so make sure you have plenty of battery and space on your cameras for these, as well as the whacking great big carp!

The lake isn't busy and it has been decided not to permit more than six anglers at any one time.

John Manton

What’s it like?

The lake is around 12 acres in size. The depths run from 5ft-15ft and it is stream fed so you needn’t worry about the depths diminishing during summer droughts. The water is very rich and the quality is superb so the fish really do thrive.

There is an ongoing stocking program with new fish introduced into the main lake in November 2019 and November 2020. A new delivery of fish for the stock pond is also due in Jan 2021.

The lake isn’t busy and it has been decided not to permit more than six anglers at any one time. Therefore, you will have plenty of room. There are no snags present so you can enjoy every fight. There are no Poisson Chat in the lake.

What are the swims like?

The swims are very comfortable and the lake now boasts double wooden cabins in all pegs with outside picnic area. Each cabin has a single bed with mattress, fishing chair, shelving, and are fitted with solar panels which provide electricity for the electrical charging points and lighting. Two cabins also have side gazebos with more to follow.

How to fish it?

The bait and wait approach works really well at Lac Les Pins so introducing particles, pellets and boilies and sitting on it for a few days can pay dividends. Try fishing one or two rods on the baited area and one just off as the big fish can often feed on the side as the smaller fish banquet on the main bed of bait.

Simple snowman rigs work very well here, there really is no need to overcomplicate things. Use large hooks and strong hook links to ensure that you get them in.

The fish can come from any peg on the lake and it is generally down to weather. The shallows are a great area for late Spring/Summer and then deeper water for Autumn/Winter periods. The fish will occasionally do what ever they want and turn up anywhere.

4 items recommended for fishing Lac Les Pins

1.Tungsten Rig tubing, weed green or clay (Korda)

2. Tidy booms (Gemini Tackle)

3. Marker sticks (any make)

4. Curved shank hooks .

Reader Approved

Any venues you see with a 'reader approved' stamp are submitted by the angling community and by those who have fished it regularly. If you want to submit your own venue you can do so here:

Lac Les Pins Rules

Other fish care: All fish care stuff provided
Hook rules: No barbed, no long shank
Mainlines: No braid, 15lb minimum
Leaders: Any
Baits: No shelf life
Boats: Baitboats are allowed
Other rules: No dogs


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