Blue Dart Fishery, France

Blue Dart Fishery in Limoges, France is home to some stunning fish, surroundings and the holiday venue comes fully equipped with modern accommodation

Blue Dart Fishery in Limoges

Day ticket or syndicate: Holiday Venue
Realistic catch rate: 3-5 per day is realistic
How much: 1200 Euro per week exclusive
How do I get a ticket: Book before you go
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Usually plenty of options
Location: France
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
On site facilities: Toilets, showers, electricity, 24hr staff
Best bait: Boilies
Average size: 35lb
Max realistic size: 50lb

Blue Dart Fishery

Set in deep France, Blue Dart Fishery is a beautiful small holiday venue at 4 acres.

The Limoges area is getting a name for itself amongst the carp holiday scene of late, with several very good venues having their stock grow to enormous sizes.

Generally, venues like Blue Dart, offer a more casual, home-style fishing holiday with plenty of fish but have the facilities & surroundings to keep your family busy too.


Approach the lake quietly and remain quiet, use a good bait and heavily bait one area and stalk in the margins.

Daren Cairns

Like many French venue Blue Dart gives the angler a chance to bank some serious fish and the approach that the owner recommends is to start with one heavily baited area and stalking the margins.

Don’t stray too far away from the tactics that work in England, there are plenty of fish, they like bait and will happily feed under your rod tips.

Glugging hookbaits is a proven tactic at Blue Dart, make them stand out in the crowd of crumbed and chopped boilies always puts fish on the bank.

Most standard bottom bait rigs work well as well as hinged stiff rigs and the Ronnie rig for pop ups, critically balanced is a must with pop ups.

In summer fishing the margins and the shallow end of lake are the go to locations.

In winter, the damn wall is the holding area for the majority of the carp in the colder periods.

Make sure to take advantage of the rowing boat for accurate baiting of an area and bring a bait boat, distance sticks, marker rod & good bait to give yourself the best chance of doing well.

Reader Approved

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Blue Dart Fishery Rules

Other fish care: All fish care stuff provided
Hook rules: Micro barbed or barbless only.
Mainlines: No braid, 15lb minimum
Baits: No nuts.
Boats: Baitboats are allowed
Other rules: No dogs, no zigs, no 360 rigs.


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