Etang Du Manoir, France.

Etand Du Manoir is absolutely stunning, located within peaceful surroundings and what’s more it holds some incredible carp to over 60!

Etang Du Manoir, Key Details

Day ticket or syndicate: Holiday Venue
Realistic catch rate: 3 per session
How much: £345 per week
How do I get a ticket: Book before you go
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Usually plenty of options
Location: France
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
On site facilities: Toilets, showers, food, electricity
Best bait: Boilies
Average size: 40lb
Max realistic size: Over 60lb

Etang Du Manoir

Etang du manoir is set in a beautiful setting, it holds stunning carp to over 60lb with some incredible variety.

There’s a max of 6 anglers so you have plenty of water and features to fish to, a marker is really useful but don’t be scared to move on to fish.

The owners can’t do enough for you, being anglers themselves they will help every way possible and are so friendly, which is a real edge if you take advantage of their knowledge.

In my opinion, and other anglers that fish there, it’s one of the best lakes in France.

Jamie Craigmyle

There are a few different package options, you can of course drive and survive, but for me the amazing home cooked food delivered to your swim daily is the dream.

Also on site is a floating lodge, with shower and toilet as well as cooking facilities so you can take care of yourself if you’d prefer.

Simple tactics work well but I find something different will always give you an edge, especially when coupled with regular baiting small and often.

They love the bait, so feed them and they will come, bollie and particle work and can often account for multiple hits.

I find using bottom baits best for putting fish on the bank. The option of a wafter on a simple rig with around 5-6 inch hook length and a size 2 hook is another great method at Etang Du Manoir.

There’s some big fish here and they’re not completely ‘riggy’ so stick to big hooks and strong line to make sure you get them on the bank.

Top Tips

Keep to the spots and be accurate.
Small and often baiting with good quality nutritional bait.
Keep an eye for showing fish and get a rig on them or move if needs be.
Consider the weather and time of year when you arrive, they do follow new winds and go deeper when it’s cold.

All swims are good and produce fish most of the year but the islands are the most popular.

As they’re fished and baited often they are regular feeding zones for the carp and are usually a solid choice if there are no other signs of fish.

Etang Du Manoir is a very friendly and laid back venue, it’s a real home from home and I couldn’t recommend it higher.

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Etang Du Manoir Rules

Other fish care: Mats and nets must be ready before fishing
Hook rules: Only microbarb
Mainlines: Min of 15lb mainline. No braid, no leaders or leadcore.
Leaders: No leaders
Baits: No nuts.
Boats: Available on site.
Other rules: Baitboats are allowed.


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