Advertising with Gilly

If you're a fishing brand, venue, guide or manufacturer then Gilly offers a unique opportunity to tap in to anglers who are able to buy instantly online.

We will never publish advice, knowledge, information or promote products, people, places or services that we do not believe to be helpful to our readers. Without exception.

Danny Chapman

Gilly, primarily is a fishing blog founded by James Armstrong and Danny Chapman with the aim of being the new benchmark in online angling information and guides.

We deliver rich content far beyond that available online for most venues, opening the door for anglers looking to branch out and provide un-biased information that we truly believe in.

Advertising with Gilly is simple and comes in many forms but it is not open to all, get in touch to discuss.

Advertising Options

If the method of advertising you would like to discuss is not on the list below, please get in touch.

‘Jimmy Approved’

To become ‘Jimmy approved’ is priceless, nearly every angler in the UK knows his name and trusts what he says, to have that label on Gilly is only possible through extensive testing of your products or venue.

The approval badge will only be given to those we believe are truly great.


Featured Venues

Our featured venues are always on our main menu and they attract more views than any other page.

Example featured venue

Each featured venue will have a personal review from James with featured stars, user generated reviews, bespoke video, custom art work and stand-out template to really make your venue popular amongst our traffic. Here’s an example of a feature we did on Castle Ashby.

To be listed on our featured venue pages you must either:

  • Free Option – Be a venue we already love and are happy to spread the word about it.
  • Free Option – Invite us to fish the venue FOC and hope we like it, we will only attend venues that we can accurately review.
  • One Off Fee £999 –  Provide us with great pics, information and reviews of your venue, you will be listed permanently and we will visit if you’re local. We will not accept any venues with bad reputations.
  • Premium Featured Venue: One Off Fee £1999 – James will attend your carp fishing venue for 48hrs, tell everyone about it, fish it, record it all, interview local anglers, bailiffs and shoot aerial footage using our state of the art tech and do a comprehensive review of your venue, to be featured permanently and be promoted heavily for 1-month.


Product ‘Bars’

Product bars look like this

Across the website you will see products, tours and services highlighted within the content of articles, like this:

When we mention a product within our content that we believe is of use to our readers we link out to an affiliate partner where users are able to buy that product.

These areas are prime real estate and offer a combination of trust flow and very high click through rates (up to 10% is common), this combined creates a huge opportunity for your brand or product to get lots of eyes.

We offer these product bars to partners at a fee of £1250 per month.

For this we will place your choice of products (where relevant) across our 100 most visited pages and all additional content published that month. You will be mentioned on our emails, social media and we will use your products when creating any content for the month in question as long as it fits with our content plan.

Please beware that the majority of our team, content and articles are carp fishing based and although we do use general course, predator or sea equipment on occasion your exposure will be more limited in these areas.

Because of our phenomenal growth curve month on month, an additional months advertising will come at a 10% premium for each additional month, for example the cost for 2 months is £1250 for month one + £1250 + 10% for month 2 = £2625 total, this will continue for each additional month.


Competition Sponsorship

Each month we run a competition to our audience and give away probably the best prize available online in the angling community, typically valued at over £1000.

We do not run basic prize competitions and will only run a competition if we believe the prize to be remarkable.

Each sponsor will be featured on the competition page, across our social media and platforms for the life of the competition, we will also look to promote your prize within our content that month.

You can sponsor part or all of a competition but you will need to provide a prize equal to your share, i.e. if you provide £500 worth of prizes you will typically half the exposure with another company/brand.

To sponsor a competition you need to provide 2 of each item, one to use as the prize and another for our team to use in their own fishing.

Our competition will include each entrant signing up to our newsletter and for a one off fee of £499 you can acquire all email addresses submitted during the period of the competition you sponsor (all GDPR compliance is covered in Terms and Conditions of competition).



We offer out the services of respected and trusted tutors to our readers for a commission.

To be part of our panel of tutors is free but we charge a 10% commission taken in the form of a deposit for each tutorial booked through our website.

We will also ask to draw on your knowledge of venues that you tutor at, featuring those and you across our site to get more bookings!

But, there is a caveat, we only promote those people, places and guides we believe in – you will be thoroughly researched before we mention you.



Similar to how we operate with tutors and tutorials, to feature your tour or guiding services on Gilly is free (for basic option) as long as you offer a good quality reputable one.

We do however charge a commission for every tour or guide service booked through our platform, the fee ranges between 10-25% depending on the type, get in touch to confirm.

In exchange for free listing, you will be asked to provide all the content required to create a featured post of your services.

Featured Listing £999 – To be featured with our unique template which offers video footage, bespoke imagery, reviews by us and users as well as multiple mentions across our social media, content and be at the top of the list on our tours page permanently.

Premium Featured Listing – You can invite us to sample the tour or guided service (FOC or discounted by £2k minimum) and we will provide the feature for you, this will result in a much better awareness drive, more coverage and huge social media presence.


Sponsor or Purchase Our Email List

Email lists are like gold dust online and building your own can be difficult especially if you’ve been saturating it for years, so why not tap into ours.

You can sponsor our email list for £999 for a single email send or £1499 for a calendar month, which is typically 2 or 3 emails. We will shout out your brand or product within the email, urge our readers to buy and publish it on our social media platforms.

Please note that we need to approve your product/service before we accept it to be sent to our readers, quality is everything and we reserve the right to refuse.

Purchase our list

Alternatively, if you are really looking to boost your email subscribers, you can purchase ours too. You can purchase the data from our readers who turn in to subscribers within the month (or more) you sponsor.

In basic terms, we will share every single subscriber that signs up during the time you sponsor our email list, this could be as little as several hundred or as many as tens of thousands depending on our activity within the month.

We would urge anyone looking to do this to combine it with supplying a competition prize.

Total cost is £2249 for 30-days.

Everything is GDPR compliant.


Product Reviews

Currently we do not publish product reviews of any kind but we will personally review your products on request and mention them within our content if it is good and suitable to our users and the content we are creating.

All review products will not be returned and may be kept for personal use of our team or as prizes to our audience.