Vallee Lake, France

With carp over 70lb and being only an hour and a half from Calais, Vallee Lake is one of the most popular holiday venues in the area.

Vallee Lake, France

Day ticket, syndicate or holiday booking: Holiday
Realistic catch rate: 8-10 per session
How much: 410 euro per week
Best swim(s): All over.
How do I get a ticket: Book before you go
Skill level to catch: Experienced
How busy is it: Usually a space or two available
Location: Normandy, France.
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
Best method: Fish to features
On site facilities: Tackle shop, toilets, showers, food, electricity, tackle hire
Best bait: Lake particles
Average size: 35lbs
Max realistic size: 76lbs

Vallee Lake, France

In upper Normandy, France, Vallee Lakes has been a regular destination for many carp anglers in the UK.

Being one of the closest resorts to Calais with carp over 70lb, Lake 1 is perfect for an impromptu trip or a week long excursion in one of the brilliant bank side lodges.

Stocked with carp to over 70lb, catfish over 100 and sturgeon getting close to the magical 100lb barrier too.

Lake 1 is 13 acres and full of features, trees, bars, weed and open patches.

Finding those features and fishing to them accurately with a particle or boilie only approach works well, always try some of the lake particle.

Stalking is also possible depending on your swim choice, tigers and maize from the lake mix are a solid choice.

Pink and yellow pop ups have always produced on lake 1, wafters of the same colour are a good choice too.

Rig wise, ronnies, chods and combi rigs produce the most fish but stick to what you’re confident in and you will pick up fish.

The top 3 tips for Vallee lake 1 would be to find the fish, fish accurately and make sure you’re presented perfectly near a chosen feature.

You can pre-book swims so following a wind study map could be a big edge to jump on a new warm wind.

Most swims produce, but depending on the time of year, winds and pressure it is well worth getting hold of the lake contour maps which detail the lake bed features and can help you choose a spot based on those conditions if fish. are not showing themselves.

Floater fish, like with most venues in France, doesn’t work at Vallee.

In the summer a tiger over a particle bed is a proven method, with most anglers moving to the deeper water areas in winter.

Vallee Lakes, Lake 1 Rules

Catch & release only?: Yes
Bait rules: No nuts, no shelf life and pellets/particles from lake supply only.
Hook pattern rules: Micro barb only
Other rules: No braid, dogs or under 16s, 15lb min mainline

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