Kingfisher, Abbey Lakes, France

Kingfisher is a beautifully matured gravel pit containing very large carp. It is only two hours from Calais making it an ideal French venue.

Kingfisher, Abbey Lakes, France

Day ticket, syndicate or holiday booking: Day ticket
Realistic catch rate: 1-2 per session
How much: As of 2021 £338 for 7 days per angler
Best swim(s): Swim 5 is a great swim
How do I get a ticket: Book before you go
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Usually room
Location: France
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
Best method: Singles and bait tactics work
On site facilities: Cafe, tackle shop, toilets, showers, electricity and tackle hire
Best bait: Anything small
Average size: 38-40lb
Max realistic size: 75lb

Kingfisher, Abbey Lakes, France

Kingfisher is definitely a little bit unknown and regularly throws up surprises. In the early years it was Abbey’s predator lake, but it has started to throw up some seriously good looking and seriously heavy carp in equal measure during the past 2 or 3 years. In 2019, Abbey decided to start the removal of the catfish as the potential of Kingfisher as a carp lake was massive and after just 1 season of removals it has proved the right decision as the weights of the carp are increasing to staggering figures to over 75 now!


I find using the high-attract, one bite tactics can often result in quick bites and give you that confidence you are on a spot that the carp are happy to feed on.

Sean Kelly

Being a commercial venue with big carp, Kingfisher sees its fair share of anglers and bait, as you would expect. With this being the case, I always start off my session with a light baiting approach and then once the bites start I will increase the bait accordingly.

As I tend to start with one-bite tactics, I would always recommend a high attract hookbait or a well glugged PVA bag to get that attraction out there and that first bite under your belt.

I find using the high attract one bite tactics can often result in quick bites and give you that confidence you are on a spot that the carp are happy to feed on. By doing this, I can increase the bait if I am getting the bites, but more importantly if I am not I can move knowing I have not wasted a bed of bait.

Rigs To Tackle Kingfisher

As far as rigs go, I use mainly two types of rigs, which are fairly basic. This being a standard blow back rig for my bottom bait presentation; comprising of a size 4 RM-TEC curve hook and 8″ of semi stiff Rock Bottom hook link.

The second rig is a pop-up rig made up of similar components; fished 360 / ronnie / spinner rig style, all very similar. I always stick to the rigs I have most confidence in. By doing this, I can put more time into what I would consider is the most important part and that’s watching the water, making sure I am in the right area to place those rigs.

I have had great success with both rigs at the venue. Using the bottom presentation rig on the hard clean spots and opting for the pop when in light weed.

Top 3 Tips For Kingfisher

1. Do not pile the bait in on the first day, build the spot/swim gradually.

2. Use bait boat

3. Use a rowing boat incase of weeded fish.

Finding out where the fish have been coming from previously is an important factor, but also finding out where has been quiet as in angling pressure can be an edge, as the fish do like to get on those quiet areas.

The Best Peg

Swim 5 has been known for a while now as being the hot peg and is often the first to go. That being said, there are plenty of other swims that produce plenty of fish and it’s often the neglected areas that the fish can get held up in.

Summer & Winter

In summer, I would start off with a small amount of high attract bait and then increase the bait as the bites started. Once confident after the first bite or two I would slowly increase by adding more whole and crushed boilie to hopefully create a feeding area.

In the winter, I would only use one bite tactics throughout, small PVA bags or small patches of particle.

Kingfisher Lake Rules

Catch & release only?: Yes
Bait rules: No nuts or maggots
Hook pattern rules: Barbed only
Fish care rules: No flat unhooking mats
Rig rules: 15lb minimum mainline
Can I use spods/spombs?: Yes
Other rules: No dogs

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