Crete lakes, Lake 1, France

Dug way back in the 70's Crete lakes is set in 130 acres of beautiful french countryside with a huge stock of carp over 80lb

Crete lakes, Lake 1

For 30 years Crete lakes was left undisturbed, the carp and coarse fish flourished and the surrounding grew mature.

Later, it was bought and stocked as a holiday resort and now it’s one of the heaviest stocked complexes in France.

The facilities are great, the fishing can be incredible and the surroundings are stunning, what more could you want from a holiday resort in France.

Crete lakes, Lake 1, France

Tickets: Holiday
How much: £500 a week self drive
How to book: Before you go
How busy: Usually some good weeks available
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: Everything you need.
Average Size: 40lb+
Max size: 84lb
Realistic catch rate: 1 a day
Best swims: 1, 3, 10 and 12
Best rig: Spinners and Ronnies
Best bait: Boilies
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate
Fish you could catch here: Carp

The bailiffs are really helpful and the food is top notch can’t wait to get back next year.

Marc Barret

The thing that I love most about Crete complex is that there are 5 lakes to choose from like 61 swims and there’s always more than enough swims available to find some fish if you not happy with your first choose of swim.

I’ve been to France a fair few times now and always seem to come last in that all important draw, so when your on small lake with no room to move your week is over before it has even started.

With it being a boilie only lake I decided to soak my boilies in lake water with hemp oil and some liquids for a day or two then just mulched them up to crumb and bits and pieces just to try and give them something else to think about, keep this bait going in little and often.

I use a lead clip system with tungsten tubing and the hook link was 7 inch iq2 15 lbs with a spinner Swivel with a size 4 krank hook barbless hook bait was 18 live system Tipped with a yellow pop up.

Top Tips

1. Find a good clear spot as it’s a  very weedy lake.
2. Keep the bait going in little and often.
3. Don’t be scared to move swim and get on the fish.

Theres a good community feel at Crete as everyone goes for food at 5 everyone talks how they are doing.

Swim 1, 3, 10 and 12 are prolific and known pegs, but there’s loads of good swims and all produce on their day.

Crete Lakes Rules

Barbed or barbless?: Barbless Only
Any rules on bait?: No nuts, particles, maggots or pellets. No bait fishing or lures
Fish care: Mats provided
Other rules: 15lb minimum line

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