Lepinet, Le Harve

A 34-acre big carp venue in France

Lepinet, Le Harve.

How much does it cost: £368 each, based on a week in April 2021, with 3 anglers and including a van on Dover-Calais ferry crossings.
How do you book or get a ticket: Online at www.anglinglines.com
How busy is it: The swims allow for up to 20 anglers, but when booked non-exclusively this is limited to 14 anglers so that everyone space to move if they wish.
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
Nearest tackle shop: In Chateaudun, a 20 minute drive. Some bait available to purchase on site.
Average size of the fish: 28-32lb
Best swims: 1, 2, 10, 11
Skill level to catch: Intermediate/Experienced
Best method: Boilie and particles
Max realistic size: 63lb
Location: Northern France, to the east of Le Mans. 2hr 50 drive from the port of Caen, 4hr 40 from the port of Calais.
Facilities: Modern toilet and shower block, lockable room containing charging facilities, also fridge/freezers for food and large chest freezers for your bait.
Top tips: Fish long with a bait boat or rowing boat, and fish for a bite at a time

Lepinet, Le Harve

Memorable French carp fishing at an authentic lake in beautiful surroundings, with a large stock of carp to over 60lb.

Lepinet is a great place to spend a week in France holiday fishing. It has always been very popular amongst the European anglers and is only just becoming recognised by the UK fishermen.

Lepinet is a great place to spend a week in France holiday fishing. It has always been very popular amongst the European anglers and is only just becoming recognised by the UK fishermen.

Pete Castle

What’s it like?

Having fished all over Europe and beyond, I’ve been there and seen it with French venues, but Lepinet is definitely one that sticks in the mind.

Lepinet is a solid choice for the UK angler, although it has been more popular with Europeans more recently, it is certainly a lake that many UK anglers will enjoy a holiday alongside.

A 17-acre lake full of carp to over 60lb and a single monster sturgeon over 150lb, Lepinet is a varied lake with sand, gravel, clay and depths up to 3m’s.

Originally, there were around 200 fish resident in the lake but after a stocking program there’s over 700 carp in there now, with the majority over 30lb. There are a lot of underwater features to find, fish to and be aware of.

How do you approach Lepinet?

On my visits I chose to fish with Size 4 Wide Gape X hook as a starting point because I’d read in a few places that people had been having trouble with hook points going over because of the gravel and rocks in the venue so I opted for a tough hook that I had complete faith in.

It proved a great choice.

I’ve had no problems at all with this set up on my sessions and my rigs were ready to rock all of the time so I’d certainly ensure you have the most secure, strong end tackle to you can.

Tightly baited areas seem to work really well at Lepinet, as well as fishing at range, if you can combine the two accurately then you’ll be in for a good trip.

Although it looks obvious, don’t ignore the markers out in the middle of the lake as there’s a good chance these were baited the week before. The markers are an obvious place for most anglers to start and generally they are baited regularly.

We found these areas harder too than other spots where they’d obviously been cleared off.



Best Pegs

Pegs 1, 2, 10 and 11 are down the wider end of the Lake and have proven to be more prolific than others in the past.

These pegs give you more water and also I think the fish feel safer at further range out in the middle of the lake.

Obviously the fish visit all areas and I’m sure other pegs will fish better in certain conditions, but I consistently saw a lot of fish in these areas regardless of conditions.

Top Tips for Lepinet

When anglers are allowed to use rowing boats and bait boats on these types of venues it is easy to forget the noise level you are putting into the water. Yes you are on holiday but try not to forgot that this can have a huge impact on the fishing.

Try to hone your skills in a boat and a stealth approach will catch you a lot more fish at Lepinet.

I’ve fished quite a lot of holiday venues over the years and I like to do things that others do not to stand out.

For example baiting up at lunch time when the lake is quiet and not fishing well anyway, rather than in the evening when everyone else is doing it and there is also a good chance of a run.

I’ve often seen the fish move into my area when the noise level goes up and everyone starts to bait up at the same time. And yes I normally get a run.

Tackle you will need at Lepinet

Lepinet Rules

Are bait boats allowed: Yes
Are there any rig rules: No lead core or leaders. No fixed leads, safety clips that can eject leads
Are there any rules on hook sizes or patterns: : Maximum size 4’s
Are there any rules on barbed hooks: Micro-barb or barbless hooks only
Parking rules: Please return cars to car park once unloaded
Are dogs allowed: Yes, by prior arrangement
Any baits that are banned: Anglers can bring their own particles if it's branded prepared
How many rods are allowed: Three per angler
Is there an age limit: Any under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult in the same swim
Fish care rules: No sacking or retaining of fish allowed. Anglers must bring carp cots, weigh slings and landing nets. These must be of sufficient size and quality to ensure large carp can be handled safely.

Pete Castle

Pete Castle BA MA DIP. Professional angler for 20 years. Fished all over Europe. Sponsored by Korda for 20 years (extremely loyal). “Carp Expert” for the Matt Hayes Total Fishing programmes.

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