Happy Lake, France

An 8 acre medium stocked lake in Saulge, France, with some cracking fish to over 80lb.

Happy Lake, Saulge, France.

Day ticket, club or syndicate: Holiday venue
Realistic catch rate: 3-5 per session
How much: 1200 euros for week exclusive
How do I get a ticket: Book before you go
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Usually some space
Location: Saulge France
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
On site facilities: Toilets and showers 2 mins away
Best bait: Particle and good quality boilie
Average size: 40lb
Max realistic size: 80lb

Happy Lake

Turning up to Happy Lake is always very exciting, but don’t be too hasty to get the rods out.

Being a relatively small water (for Europe) I want to make minimal disturbance and let the fish show me where they are, and they will show! Last thing I want to do is be out in a boat placing baits etc to then be needing to move them again that evening. Patience is key.

A bait or rowing boat is vitally important at Happy Lake.

Sean Kelly

I tend to use a mixture of baits at Happy Lake, from different particles to boilie, as long as it is a quality bait then I am sure it will work here.

I like to use the particle to keep a lot of attraction in the baited area and tend to scatter a few boilie to hopefully get the carp looking and singling these baits out.

As for a lot of my fishing the rigs i use are fairly simple, placing them in the right place is the key.
One thing I wouldn’t ignore at Happy lake is the centre of the lake. This area is very deep silt but the carp love it!

A long hooklink (12″) with a bright high attract pop up here has done me well.

I think it’s a little different to what’s normally being done here. Sometimes it’s good to be different.

It is a must to have a bait boat or row boat at Happy Lake, but keeping disturbance minimal is very important, find the spots and be patient.

The great thing about this lake is that you book it as a lake exclusive for a maximum of 3 anglers. This is great because you can all fish from the same bank and still cover all the water.

The fish do tend to hold in shoals and very much like the bays. They do move about though, especially once they being caught.

With 3 anglers this is great because it keeps them moving and everyone has a chance.

In the winter months I would still use similar tactics, only difference being that it would be small amounts of bait. One bite tactics

Happy Lake Rules

Bait rules: No zig rigs.
Hook patterns: Only microbarb.
Mainline: No braid, 15lb minimum.
Carp care: Mats provided. Minimum 42inch landing net.
Other rules: Max 4oz lead.
Are bait boats allowed?: Yes.

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