Lake Fishabil, France

A large, facility-rich venue in North West France with plenty of bites to be had.

Lake Fishabil, Key Details

Day ticket or syndicate: Holiday booking
Realistic catch rate: 10+ per visit
How much: £350, or £675 all inclusive.
Best swim(s): Damn and east bank
How do I get a ticket: Book online
Skill level to catch: Beginner - Intermediate
How busy is it: Swims available most weeks
Location: Near Rennes, France.
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
Best method: All will bank fish.
On site facilities: Everything you need.
Best bait: Lake bait or Urban Baits.
Ideal fishing range: 100 yards
Average size: 35lb carp
Max realistic size: 60lb carp 200lb catfish

Lake Fishabil, France

With everything needed on site, friendly and attentive staff, the 86 acre Lake Fishabil is one of my favourite venues.

Couple that with the variety of carp, sturgeon and catfish, it’s the home of PB’s for many anglers.

Fishabil is a great venue for those looking for a more casual French fishing trip.

It’s an amazing venue with over 86 acres and each catch is a surprise

Tracey Wallington

In north west France, near Rennes, Fishabil is known for its excellent laid back fishing, beautiful scenery, plenty of fish, great food and good facilities.

Since 2011, new owners have been working hard to get the lake back to its former glory and they’re doing a great job.

Have a look for yourself…

The stock is huge and there are fish in abundance of many species and the facilities have you completely covered in any eventuality.

The lake baits are generally responsible for most of the captures and it’s reasonably priced so it’s my go to, but Urban baits are fairly popular and account for plenty of fish too.

Fishabil is not a difficult water and the residents are not ‘riggy’ so just use the same stuff you do at home and have confidence in and you will put fish on the bank.

I’d suggest trying to get yourself on the damn wall or the east bank as these are typically the better performing areas.

My top tip would be to really pay attention and ask questions at the welcome meeting, it’s a great opportunity to understand what and where is producing fish when you arrive.

As always with these holiday venues in France, the owners see it all day in day out, so get as much info as you can from them rather than pick up small tips from people who have only been there for a week as they vary massively week to week.

I do well by fishing at around 100 yards with longer rigs, heavy leads and ensuring my hook tips are as sharp as possible but most pegs, tactics and baits will catch.

Lake Fishabil Rules

Rule on boats: No bait boats. Rowing boats on site.
Bait rules: Only onsite particle allowed, nuts only as hookbaits.
Fish care rules: Dip nets and carp care required
Rig rules: No braided mainlines, no fixed leads
Can I use spods/spombs?: Yes
Can I wade to land fish?: Yes


Fishabil is my favourite lake in France, it’s great for a few runs and you can bank many different species up to 200lb.

Perfect for a more casual trip and the all inclusive package is ideal for those wanting to relax for the whole trip.

Though the apartments could do with modernising, you’ll struggle to find better facilities elsewhere and the owners are doing a good job of bringing it back to its former glory.

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