Mill Lodge Retreat, Essex

Mill Lodge Retreat is a beautiful mix of glamping and carping with a hotel service which has carp to 40lb perch to 5lb

Mill Lodge Retreat, Essex

A picturesque 6-acre complex comprising of a mature 3.8 acre estate lake with amazing glamping and carping opportunities in the heart of Essex.

There’s lots of fish to go at after the recent new stocking
with around 325 carp to over 40lb and perch topping the glorious 4lb barrier, and stunning size roach to go for on the float.

Mill Lodge Retreat, Essex

Tickets: Holiday venue
How much: £160 per night (midweek), £396 for the weekend
How to book: Before you go -
How busy: Usually a few spaces
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: Cafe, toilets, showers, food, electricity, 24-hour staff, wifi, hot tubs, fire pit, mini bar and PS4
Average Size: 25lb
Max size: 40lb
Realistic catch rate: 1-3 a session is common
Best swims: All over
Best rig: Zigs
Best bait: Chopped down boilies & in house pellets
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate

Zigs work a treat at mill lodge as there are loads of naturals in the lake

Wayne Edwards
Zigs work a treat at mill lodge as there are loads of naturals in the lake along with IQD Rigs on the hard clay spots.
There are plenty of fish to go at and they’re hungry, but it’s not a runs water.

Fishing solid bags and in house pellet works really well, combine these with small leads and add a few pop ups to the bag so it doesn’t plug in to the silt.

Bait boats work really well too, both approaches tie into the way the fish like to feed on small patches of bait.

Stick to long links, due to silt, ronnies have proven really useful on the lake.

1-4 ft zig are deadly and are a very under used method on the lake, as it’s full of naturals the residents are used to taking food in mid-water.

Margins are great to nick a bite too, they will come right under your rod tip so make sure to keep your eyes peeled and quiet

Don’t over bait and fish for a bite at a time, little and often is hugely important here but once you find them you can give them a little more.

Pop ups and wafters are generally better than the bottom baits.

If you’re struggling for a bite, chopping and shaving down your hook baits can encourage a bite.

Glugging hookbaits and garlic powder especially work really well.

Fish come out all over the lake just be confident in your rigs a presentation.

Best Swims
Pod 1-2 margins about rod length off bank and under over hanging willows
Pods 3-5 fish 6 1/2 raps or 1 On/2 lengths off back bank it’s where lake feed goes
Pod 6 rod length to left of pads and channel
7-8 shallows bait boats or spoons best approach off the island and edge of weed / margins
Pod 9 3 raps in front or under willow definitely left right margins

Mill Lodge Retreat, Essex

Fish care: Mats, nets and lake bait available on site.
Other rules: Barbed only, no dogs or lures.
Rig rules: No fixed leads, min hook size 8, min 15lb line, no braid.

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