Hilton Valley Carp Fishery

A wonderful, tranquil carp fishery in beautiful surroundings containing immaculate, scaly specimens

Caney Lake, Hilton Valley Fishery

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket
Realistic catch rate: Several if you get it right
How much: £25 per 24 hours
How do I get a ticket: Book before you go - 07511 626003
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Relatively but you can find out before you go
Location: Great Yealdham, Essex
Can you drive to the swims: No but only a short walk
On site facilities: Toilets, showers, food
Best bait: Small traps of high attract bait
Average size: Mid doubles
Max realistic size: 32lb

Caney Lake

Located in the Essex Colne Valley is a fishery that is over 40 years old. It is served by the River Colne which runs in and out boasting springs.

Caney lake doesn’t contain your normal, run of the mill carp, every fish has the wow factor because each were hand picked from two fish farms in the UK with the highest Cefas rankings for health.

The swims are only 150yrd or so away from the car park meaning that it’s a nice short walk and the fishery also offers a drop off services directly to your swim if required which is a nice touch.

Wildlife surrounds the area with Roe Deer and muntjac roaming, with a resident Barn Owl who isn’t shy. There  are also red kites to spot plus a whole host of other birds that frequent the area and lakes.

The nearby town contains shops with all the essentials and there is a lovely cafe there too if you don’t fancy cooking. Take aways are also available nearby.

Caney Lake is around 3 acres in size, boasting all sorts of features and plant life

Steve White

The lake

Caney Lake is around 3 acres in size, boasting all sorts of features and plant life. The lake has been designed by Darren Hilton who has ensured that every peg contains features and fishable spots to keep you interested; this includes gullies, holes, bars plus others throughout.

How to fish it

A stealthy approach is required because this is a relatively small venue and the fish know their environment! It has recently extended and the lake has been designed by its owner, Darren Hilton. Every peg has its own water and features to fish to. There are islands, gulleys, bars and holes to be found. Use your observation skills, but also ask the owner or bailiffs who are very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. My personal approach is to fish for a bit at a time, finding a feature or signs of fish and using a light baiting approach with a mesh bag to add attraction to the hook bait. Keep disturbance to a minimum!

What methods do you use?

I have used both snowman presentations and ronnies to equal success. The venue can get quite weedy, so a ronnie presents the bait nicely on any low lying weed. I attach two old pop-ups in mesh when using this presentation to ensure that it sits on any weed. It then has the added advantage of giving a marker to fire some loose offerings around. For clear spots, I like a snowman to present, the bait on the bottom as the fish will feed into the silt. On all presentations, I have used leads of 1.5oz or less.

What swims are best?

The venue is silty and when the fish feed, it can be very obvious where they are. Each swim has its own water and features, so all can be productive at times. It will depend on conditions and to an extent, angler pressure. Fish well and you will get opportunities.

4 items of tackle you will need

A baiting pole, backleads, polaroids and PVA mesh.

Reader Approved

Any venues you see with a 'reader approved' stamp are submitted by the angling community and by those who have fished it regularly. If you want to submit your own venue you can do so here: www.mygilly.com/submit-a-venue

Caney Lake Rules

Fish care: ALL FISH CARE mats, slings etc will be supplied
Fish retention: Maximum of five minutes
Other fish care: All fish caught are to be reported to the bailiff
Hook rules: No bent hooks, no 360 rigs under any circumstances,Barbed or Micro barb hooks only, size no smaller than size 8.
Mainlines: No braid
Leaders: No leaders, no lead core, TUBING ONLY
Baits: No plastic, No nuts, particle baits & Pellet can be used but must be purchased on site.
Boats: NONE
Can you wade?: No
Dogs?: Yes, on leads
Other rules: More info on website - https://www.hiltonvalleycarpfishery.co.uk/rules/


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