The Carp Lake, Manor Farm Fisheries

The Carp Lake, Manor Farm Fisheries

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket
Realistic catch rate: 1-2 fish per session
How much: £15 per day £30 for 24 hours
How do I get a ticket: Book before you go on the website -
Skill level to catch: Beginner - Intermediate
How busy is it: Always pegs available, booking system in operation
Location: Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.
Can you drive to the swims: No
On site facilities: Toilets
Best bait: Ronnies over low-lying weed
Average size: 25lb
Max realistic size: 38lb

The Carp Lake, Manor Farm Fisheries

The Carp Lake, which is around 4 acres in size with 28 swims, was established in 1997 and is stocked with various carp; commons, mirrors and a few koi too. There are around 300 carp in there averaging between 16-19lb, with around 60-70 fish over 20. Depending on the time of year there are 3-5 over 30lb.

There is also an abundance of other species such as perch and tench. The tench are big too with plenty of fish around 6lb to over 8lb. If tench are your chosen target, then have a go with sweetcorn.

Again, to combat the weedy bottom, employ a helicopter presentation.

Giuseppe Antinori

What is it like?

The Carp Lake at Manor Farm is 4 acres in size. There are 28 swims to choose from. There is one main island on the lake and the depths vary from 7ft to 13ft so plenty of options and features.

Many an angler have beaten their PB’s on The Carp Lake and it is no wonder it is the most popular on the complex with anglers.

The lake can get busy, particularly on summer weekends, although night tickets are limited to just 16. People travel from far and wide to fish, with multiple catches of 16 or more carp in a session not uncommon.

How To Fish It

There are plenty of features on the bottom of The Carp Lake at Manor including gravel around the islands and bars, but many of the open water areas seem to contain low-lying silkweed. This weed smothers the lake bed and so you have to think about your presentation carefully. Ronnie rigs allow you to present your pop-up above such weed so is a good choice, with a scattering of boilies over the top, don’t go overboard with the bait.

Again, to combat the weedy bottom, employ a helicopter presentation. Pull the top bead up slightly thus encouraging the hook link to shoot up the leader and rest on top of the weed.



The Carp Lake Rules, Manor Farm Fisheries

Bait rules: No peanuts, tigers or trout pellets.
Dogs: No dogs.
Hooks: Barbless only
Equipment: Spomb floats required
Fish care: No carp sacks, fish care and mat required.
Other rules: Rod license required, 2 rods max, No wading.

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