Diss Mere, Norfolk

A real history water in the wonderful Norfolk village of Diss

Diss Mere

Diss Mere is run by Diss and District Angling – a small club situated in North Suffolk, South Norfolk and East Anglia. Their premier water is Diss Mere and they are proud to own the fishing rights to it.

The Mere is renowned for its carp, where doubles and twenties are plentiful – there is also the odd 30lb specimen. Other species are present; tench to 6lb, roach to over 1lb and a big head of the wonderful Crucian Carp.

Skimmers and Rudd are also plentiful giving pleasure anglers something to fish for on the float, in other words plenty of bites to be had.

Diss Mere

Tickets: Day ticket and club
How much: £10 for two rods daytime only, £75 for a season
How to book: Local tackle shop - Diss Angling Centre
How busy: Medium
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: Situated next to a town
Average Size: Double figures
Max size: 30lb
Realistic catch rate: Several fish can be caught on a session
Best swims: Closest swim to the board walk
Best rig: Slip D
Best bait: Bright hook baits and pellets
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate

The Board Walk is one of the best swims as the fish hold up in the out of bounds

Connor Brown

I would normally turn up and, like any venue, try find some fish and set up as close as possible to them. Before casting out I like to introduce a small amount of boilies, there’s a good head of fish so I like to encourage them to be grubbing around. I will always then attach a small PVA mesh bag of pellet to my rig just to ensure there is some attraction around the rig.

In terms of rigs, I like to employ a Slip D rig incorporating a size 5 hook. To this, I tie on a bright 16mm pop-up. Bright baits seem to work better for quicker bites.

If you can’t find the fish, I always find the area nearest to the no fishing zone best. The fish love to hold up here because it doesn’t see much pressure.

If you can fish next to the boardwalk and cast to the end of it about a rod length to the left then this is a great start, if not then try find a few fish showing and set up as close as possible to them.

In the summer months, surface fishing with dog biscuits or bread works well because the fish are up in the water, and margin fishing or zigs can also score well.

In the winter, I would be fishing on the bottom about a rod length from the margins and then one rod about 4-5 wraps out into open water – if it’s a sunny winter day then maybe a 4-5ft zig out in open water.

3 Tips

-Small mesh bags of pellets

-Boosted hook baits

-Fish near the boardwalk

Diss Mere

Fish care: Must have carp care and unhooking mat.
Bait rules: None
Other rules: None

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