Heartsmere, Waveney Valley, Harleston

A pretty, intimate pool in the Waveney Valley, containing some cracking commons and scaly mirrors.

Key Details

Day ticket, syndicate or holiday booking: Day ticket (book before you go)
Realistic catch rate: Several fish per session
How much: £26 for 24hr
Best swim(s): Just fish to the far margin
How do I get a ticket: Book before you go
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Average
Location: Waveney Valley, Harleston
Can you drive to the swims: No
Best method: Bottom baits
On site facilities: Toilet, showers, 24 hour staff
Best bait: Boilies and maggots
Nearest tackle shop: Gorleston Tackle Centre
Ideal fishing range: Close in
Average size: 20lb
Max realistic size: 33lb

Heartsmere, Waveney Valley

Heartsmere is a 2 acre lake which houses five swims around its banks. The carp stock is around 60-80 with many over 25lb up to 30lb. It is regarded as the most difficult lake on the complex. Swims can be pre-booked for 24 hours or longer with a card payment.

Without a doubt the top tip for this venue is to remain stealthy, do not turn up and start banging in pegs with a mallet or shouting across to your friends.

Sam Pavitt

What is it like?

Heartsmere is a 2 acre, tranquil, tree-lined pool with a stunning strain of commons and scaly mirrors to around 33lb. This venue requires you to book a peg in advanced. Whilst not ideal on larger venues, since this is a well stocked small pool, all pegs fish very well so booking in advanced and knowing where you’re going to be fishing is a a real advantage.

What tactics work well here?

I have found that a good spread of boilies on the far tree line to be a great tactic. Doing so will encourage the fish to start roaming, working hard for each bait, which makes them easier to tempt on your hook bait. Standard bottom bait presentations, tipped with corn or maggot works well at all times of year.

Due to the nature of the lake, and how small it is, I have found that the fish are very wise, so it really pays to keep noise to an absolute minimum and conceal yourself, keeping back from the water and your lines/end tackle pinned to the lake bed. Fluorocarbon main lines, backleads and putty along your hook link can really help combat this.

The fish do not show too frequently on this lake, but since it’s a small shallow pool, locating them is never too difficult. Keep a careful watch on the water, shin up trees for a better view and look for tell-tale signs of big swirls, bubbling, silt disturbance etc. Casting to showing fish can also be a winner.

Natural baits work really well in the summer months. Small traps of hemp and corn in the margins for example. Single bright pop ups work well in winter when the silt and chod is deeper. Fish to the tree line far margin and keep your eyes peeled for any shows.

Since the lake is mostly very silty/choddy, a hinged stiff rig or multi rig works well fished on a helicopter leader. Use a small lead since every swim is  short cast and the fish spook easily.

Top Tip

Without a doubt the top tip for this venue is to remain stealthy, do not turn up and start banging in pegs with a mallet or shouting across to your friends. Bait sensibly, setting little margin traps rather than large beds of  bait, as again the fish spook very easily. Lastly, be patient – if you know you’re fishing effectively then leave your rod alone and don’t keep casting frequently.

Anglers are generally extremely friendly, it is a very quiet well kept venue without the public walking around so you will typically not speak to anyone during your visit which is hard to come by these days. A real escape as it should be.


Heartsmere Rules

Catch & release only?: Yes
Are there swim boundaries: No be sensible
Are mats provided?: No
Are bait boats allowed?: Yes
Are boats allowed?: No
Bait rules: No tigers or peanuts
Hook pattern rules: Any
Fish care rules: Unhooking mat, treat wounds with carp care solutions
Parking rules: None
Rig rules: No fixed leads
Can I use spods/spombs?: Yes
How many rods?: Three
Are dogs allowed?: No
Is there an age limit?: No
Can I use particles: Yes, but not tigers or peanuts


A very quiet, intimate lake, with a great head of 20’s that fishes all year round.

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