Main Lake, Burgh Castle Fishery

You're always on fish at this 1.5 acre lake, the challenge is getting them wise old fish to pick up your hook bait.

Burgh Castle Fishery

A well stocked complex offering 2 carp lakes around 1.5 acres each and a small match lake, offering anglers of all ages and experiences a great day out.

Burgh Castle is a very well run and has an awesome stamp of fish.

The main lake is my personal favourite and though it can be quite difficult, it’s definitely very rewarding with some incredible characters/

Main Lake, Burgh Castle Fishery - Key Details

Tickets: Day ticket
How much: £10 per day, £20 for night
How to book: On site
How busy: Usually several swims available.
Can you drive to swims: Yes
On site facilities: Toilets
Average Size: 20+
Realistic catch rate: 0-3 per session
Best swims: All over.
Best rig: Slip D
Best bait: Venue boilies
Max size: 38lb

Reader Approved | 25th June 2020

There's 7 Fish over 30 to 38lb at the right time of the year, and numerous back up 20s.

Jack Gardiner

Main lake is not the easiest, I would go in with a simple approach and not over think things and not chop and change rigs, stick to what you know works else where.

There are many features like reed lines, islands, gravel bars, lily pads, but don’t ignore fishing the siltier areas especially in the winter.

A lot of new anglers who don’t catch on the first session on the lake start to over think things and let it get to them, as they say effort equals reward and just keep chipping away at it and the rewards will come.


Use a bait that you’re confident in, a lot of people use the bait the lake has made especially, but I’ve always had confidence in DNA Baits and have done very well on this venue with it.

The bait sold on site would probably be your best bet as a lot of it goes in the lake and the fish do eat a lot of it. But I’m stubborn myself and stick with what I use else where, DNA baits s7.


Keep your rigs simple, some of these fish are over 30 years old and are very tricky to make slip up, you won’t go wrong with a standard hair rig with a long hair.

My go to rig is a slip d style rig fished with either a match the hatch bottom bait out the bag, or a white barrel wafter, if I did need a pop up rig I would use a hinge stiff rig. These are rigs I’ve used on every venue I fish and I have big confidence in them.

When you arrive

Have a walk round the venue and try to find fish, although a small lake they can be a little difficult to find.

If you can’t find them speak to the others anglers and find out where fish have been getting caught from or showing. Being a small water I wouldn’t thrash it with a marker float or a lead I would chuck a few rigs out and feel for a drop you’re happy with.


This venue does not allow zigs or surface fishing, so in summer I would fish the shallower spots with either a wafter or a bottom bait.

In winter times I move over to high visual single pop ups cast to showing fish, if they aren’t showing I will use my rods as roaming rods and move them every few hours trying to pick up a fish.

Always cast to showing fish or fizzing, but also the bait and wait approach can pay off.

Main Lake, Burgh Castle Fishery Rules, Norfolk

Are there any rig rules: No zigs or surface fishing. Min 15lb mainline.
Are there any rules on barbed hooks: No.
Any rules on bait?: No nuts or shelf life boilies
Fish care: High sided cradle, 36 inch+ net and fish care liquids required
Other rules: No dogs or Spombs

Reader Approved

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