Bottle Pit at Weybread Pits

Bottle Pit is a very friendly club venue in Norfolk with some mega fish to be caught

Bottle Pit at Weybread Pits

Bottle Pit is 11 acres and is one of the more favourable lakes on the Weybread Pits complex amongst carp anglers.

With depths to 6 meters, some awesome features and mint carp to up to 40lb at the right time of year, it’s a great place for anglers based in Norfolk to have on their hitlist.

There’s also some mega roach over 2lb, tench and bream up to 17lb for those looking for a specimen.

Bottle Pit at Weybread Pits

Tickets: Bottle Pit is Club, but day tickets available on complex
How much: 3 rods £180 per year
How to book: Local tackle shops or garage
How busy: Always plenty of choice
Can you drive to swims: Yes
On site facilities: Toiliets
Average Size: 20lb
Max size: 40lb
Realistic catch rate: Several a session possible
Best swims: Steep-bank swims
Best rig: Wafter or snowman
Best bait: Boilies
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate

Use a snowman with a 18mm dark boilie and a 12mm bright pink fishmeal pop up

Jay Johnston

I approach bottle pit by fishing the margins with a big 18mm wafter or bottom bait with a handful or 2 of 12mm boilies, crushed boilies and pellet.

A small handful of bait catches those patrolling carp and as the margins are deep, it’s easy to stay concealed.

If this doesn’t work I would switch to a snowman with a 18mm dark boilie and a 12mm bright pink fishmeal pop up on the business end, this option can bring them down and curious.

The residents love boilies so I would always stick to them where possible.

I use Korda Kamo 25lb braid stripped back about 4 inches with a Korda Kamakura size 4 micro barbed.

With some shrink tubing around the eye and knotless knot I can be completely confident in a strong, reliable and no fuss set up.

I use these products nearly every where I go and I think it’s important to use tackle you have complete confidence in, especially on venues like bottle pit where it’s easy to blank and start questioning your approach.

Top Tips

  1. Margins – focus on the margins, they come right under your rod tips.
  2. Bottom bait – pop ups are not as productive.
  3. Little and often approach – big beds of bait scare them off and 2kg max.

My favourite swims are on the high bank, because of the very good deep margins and also good deep eater in the middle, they’re often overlooked by some anglers too as are a little awkward.

In the summer, a zig can pick up fish when they’re off the bottom.

In the winter focus on singles and a bright pink fruit based pop up.

The bottle pit anglers are very good and friendly community but on one or two of the other lakes on the venue there are the odd secret squirrels

Don’t forget to take a good hooklink as lots of weed especially in the summer and a heavy drop off lead system to combat the weed further.

Bottle Pit at Weybread Pits

Fish care: Must have carp care and unhooking mat.
Bait rules: No peanuts, trout pellets and bloodworm. 2kg maximum bait.
Other rules: No dogs, no leadcore, no bait boats on bottle pit.

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