Farlows One, Iver

Farlows lake is steeped in carp fishing history and has some of the finest day ticket carp on offer in the UK

Farlows One, Iver

What you experience at Farlow as an angler is very special indeed, not to mention the Carp.


Big Fish Potential

Venue Cleanliness

On Site Facilities

Swim Comfort

Value For Money

Farlows One, Iver

One of the most famous day tickets in the country, for good reason, the carp are old and dark with character in abundance.

I decided to target Farlows one due to the vast array of pristine, character-rich carp that lived there.

Farlows One Key Info

Day ticket club?: Day ticket
How much: £28 for 24hours.
How to book: Ticket office onsite
How busy: It make be very busy but normally always swims free
Can you drive: Some.
Onsite facilities: Tackle shop Cafe Ticket office 24 hours staff
Nearest tackle shop: On site Angling direct Farlows
Average Size: 22lb. 
Realistic catch rate: Hits of fish are possible on all lakes all year round
Best swims: Open water areas have good form in winter and the other areas more productive in summer.
Best method: Pop ups and snowman rigs.
Best bait: High quality boilie
Ideal range: Up to 100 yards
Max size: 40lb +

Today’s Farlows has taken into account the modern day angler and as such the creature comforts are there to make for an unforgettable stay.

Herons point is home to a 4,000 square building that houses a café, toilets and showers and a large tackle centre run by Angling direct.

The facilities at Farlows are second to none and the majority of the swims can be parked behind or very nearby and you could spend weeks at the lake without needing to visit the outside world.

Both lakes offer bays, islands, weed beds, gravel bars and just about every feature you could possible want.

Farlows one, in particular, is full of awesome scaly and dark fish, couple that with the incredibly ‘carpy’ lake and it really is a winner for those looking to experience one of the UK’s top day tickets.

While targeting the old, gnarly residents can be a challenge it’s also a great place to start and learn, the fish are hungry and you can get a few on the bank all year round.

Big hits of fish are possible on all lakes, all year round and the average size on lake one is just over 20lb.

Best swims

The fish do move around loads – weather and wind plays a big part in swim choice on the day so always be sure to keep your eyes on the tail end of a warm wind.

In general, the open water areas have good form in winter and the other areas more productive in summer, but this can change at the drop of a hat so do not get too attached to one swim.

In my option the lakes have something for everyone; from beginners looking to improve, to the advanced angler looking for their next target carp.

Daniel Daneshi

Film At Farlows

Methods that work

Mainline Cell and Link has worked well for me but any high quality boilie will work, coupled with a pop up or a snowman and you can be sure to get a run or two if the fish are in front of you.

There’s a big head of carp and they are hungry, so don’t be afraid of using bait, they love it, especially boilies.

Watch out for the Bream too, as they can be a menace if you’re using smaller boilies, particles or pellets – I’d advise staying clear.

Durning the cold weather, fishing the areas that the bream tend to stay away from, use pellet and maggots and you’ll put several fish on the bank. It can be a real edge.

If you love surface fishing, Farlows One can be very productive; they love floaters so in the warmer weather make sure you don’t leave the surface gear at home.

Location is key at farlows and walking the lake before selecting a swim can be a massive advantage as many jump in the known pegs or, if you find an area with carp present that’s half the job done.

The more popular swims do produce well but don’t overlook the small corners as the bigger fish do tend to come out from these areas.

Farlows One has a huge social media presence and you can check out any queries you have about the venue and also keep up to date with how the lakes are fishing by following their Facebook page and Instagram account.

In my opinion, Farlows One has something for everyone. From beginners looking to improve, to the veteran angler looking for that next target carp.

farlows one


I believe Farlows lake has to be up there as one of the best day ticket lakes in the UK.  The biggest reason for this is the array of scale-perfect carp that live in there.

The carp are old and dark with character in abundance and in more recent times the continued Farlows stocking programs has seen some incredible creatures added.

The staff and other customers I have met at the venue are very friendly and helpful and the on site facilities are also great.

Farlows One Rules

Are bait boats allowed: No
Are there any rig rules: No zigs
Are there any rules on hook sizes or patterns: No bent hooks
Are there any rules on barbed hooks: Barbed or micro only
Are dogs allowed: Yes must be on lead
How many rods are allowed: 3
Is there an age limit: 16+ or with an adult
Lead arrangement rules: No fixed lead rigs. All leads must pass freely over leader knots
Line rules: Minimum 15lb line (0.35mm diameter) on Lake 1 and 2. Minimum 15lb for Zig or Floater hook links. NO braided mainline
Fish care: Any 30lb plus fish must be reported to the tackle shop if in gate opening hours, the telephone number is on the ticket provided.
Fish care: Rod Licences and carp care kit must be shown before tickets are purchased
Fish care: A ticket must be purchased before fishing and ALL nets, slings and mats must be dipped in the disinfectant baths before a ticket will be issued
Bait rules: Maggots are permitted but no more than 4 pints per angler per 24 hours.
Leader rules: No lead core. No unleaded. No fused leaders of any kind including safezone. Flourocarbon or Monofiliment shockl eaders are permitted

Daniel Daneshi

Daniel has been fishing with his brother since he was 6 years old and have caught some incredible carp. He regular shows his experiences and guides on Youtube.


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