Abbey Pits, Newport Pagnell

A beautiful, picturesque venue with some surprises to be had.

Abbey Pits

Day ticket or syndicate: Newport Pagnell Angling Association, club ticket
How much?: 2 rods £47, 3 rod £67, gate keys £8
How do I get a ticket?: Online
How busy is it?: Relatively quiet
Can you drive to the swims?: No
On site facilities: None
Nearest tackle shop: Willards, New Bradwell
Average size: Doubles
Max realistic size: Mid twenties
Realistic catch rate: 0-1 per day
Best swims: The furthest end of the lake fishing towards the small dot island and margins
Best method: Basic boilie or particle setups
Best bait: Boilies and tiger nuts
Ideal fishing range: 50 yards
Strange rules you should know: None
Skill level to catch: Experienced
Location: Abbey Pits, Priory Street, Newport Pagnell

Abbey Pits

Abbey pits is a stunning looking lake. It is a very private water located out the back of Newport Pagnell and you rarely see anyone from the public because the fishery is gated and well out of the way.

The lake itself is heavily tree and reed lined, providing large amounts of sanctuary for the carp to explore. Of course, such areas are magnets and make key hotspots for the angler. 

The lake is relatively shallow all over meaning that location is generally easy. Look for telltale swirls, bubblers or showers and you are onto a winner. In summer, the lake also boasts several sets of dense lillies and once again, these are great areas to target. 

abbey pits

There are several gravel bars on the bottom and a bait placed where the silt meets the gravel is always a good area to try first. 

The corner nearest the car park is a great area at the beginning of the year, fishing hook baits tight to the overhanging bushes on the right. As the year goes on, the carp like to move down to the far end where lake one meets lake two.

There are huge set of reeds here lining the margins which ALWAYS hold a carp or two. Make time to fix your eyes on the reeds and you will often see them twitching and swaying as carp give away their whereabouts. 

Pre-baiting is a great method on Abbey and you can generally get away with it because the lake receives very little angling pressure, meaning that you will be able to get back onto your pre-bait without worrying someone else is catching off it, most of the time.

Use 18mm boilies or tiger nuts as bait. There are nuisance species present; bream, tench and the like so use something that deters them.

One little tip that has worked for me on the Abbeys is to fish tiger nuts that have been soaking in Red Bull drink. This is a very sugary drink and if you leave them steeping in it, the tigers will taste delicious. 

Abbey fishes in both summer and winter time so if you love your winter angling, you do have the chance of catching something special. The carp in here are very wild, so should you hook one, you’ll have a battle on your hands.

Abbey Pits Rules

Rules on boats: No boats of any kind
Is night fishing allowed?: Yes to all club members
Rules on hook type/size: All hooks allowed
Barbed or barbless?: Either
Unhooking mat rules: Must be used at all times
Stance on rubbish: It must not be left at fishery
Rules on rod numbers: up to 3 is fine with appropriate rod licenses
Bait rules: N/A
Fish care rules: Unhooking mats compulsory
Parking rules: Dedicated car park
Rig rules: Ensure they are safe
Can I use spods/spombs?: Yes
Can I wade to land fish?: Yes
Are dogs allowed?: No not on any NPAA waters
License rules: Rods and club licenses required


Jimmy began his angling on the river Ouse with his father fishing for roach. His passion grew quickly and soon developed a love for big-fish across the globe!