Claydon Middle & Top Lakes

Two absolutely stunning, notoriously silty lakes containing a good head of carp and cats.

Claydon Middle & Top Lakes

Day ticket or syndicate: Club ticket, Leighton Buzzard Angling Club -
How much?: Adult - £40 Junior/Senior - £20 Reg Disabled - £20
How do I get a ticket?: From tackle shop
How busy is it?: Can be busy at the weekends but two lakes to choose from
Can you drive to the swims?: No
On site facilities: None
Nearest tackle shop: Browns Angling, Leighton Buzzard
Average size: Singles to doubles
Max realistic size: 18lb
Realistic catch rate: Several are possible in a session
Best swims: All swims produce fish consistently
Best method: PVA sticks and bags with bright baits. Surface fishing too!
Best bait: Boilies and pellets
Ideal fishing range: You can catch at a multitude of ranges
Strange rules you should know: No bivvies, single pole umbrellas only. No nightfishing
Skill level to catch: Beginner to intermediate
Location: Claydon, Bucks

Claydon Lakes

The club controls two lakes in the grounds of Claydon House near Winslow, Buckinghamshire.

The large middle lake is well known for its stocks of catfish. The lake was originally stocked during the 50s with catfish from Woburn Estate.

The cats have thrived in the shallow, muddy water and now reach 30lb, the average catfish is going to be mid double figure size.

The lake was originally stocked during the 50s with catfish from Woburn Estate.

- James Armstrong

Many anglers have caught their first catfish from Claydon Middle Lake. Apart from the catfish there is a large head of carp.

Fish to 28lb have been caught but the average fish is likely to be a low double or less.

Carp fishing here can be hectic and is ideal for the novice or young angler. The lake also contains some large bream and a few zander, one of which was caught at 13lb.

The top lake, close to the Calvert Road, contains good tench, bream and carp.

There are also shoals of roach and rudd present.  Anglers may not night fish at Claydon and must leave the lake by the times stated in the membership booklet.

Parking is in a large gravel lay by on the Calvert Road. A long walk to the middle lake is necessary so try to travel light or use a barrow as anglers must not park in the grounds of Claydon House.

There is NO night fishing at Claydon and all anglers must be off the estate grounds by the times stated in the membership book, failure to do so may result in a ban of membership for a minimum of one year.

No bivvies or bivvy systems are allowed at Claydot, the estate owners specifically request that anglers only use a single pole umbrella.

A maximum of two rods are allowed.

What you will need at Claydon lakes!

James | 3rd January 2020