Three Island Lake, Stewkley


A great lake to target for your first double.

Three Island Lake, Stewkley

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket (fees payable in honesty box)
How much?: Day ticket maximum 2 rods - £12 OAP/Disabled/U16 - £8
How do I get a ticket?: Honesty box
How busy is it?: Not too busy midweek, can get busy at weekends
Can you drive to the swims?: No
On site facilities: None
Nearest tackle shop: Browns Angling Leighton Buzzard
Average size: Singles to doubles
Max realistic size: 20lb plus
Realistic catch rate: Several fish can be possible
Best swims: All swims can produce
Best method: Margin fishing with the float and surface angling
Best bait: Traditional baits - luncheon meat, sweetcorn, bread
Ideal fishing range: 10-20 yards
Strange rules you should know: No dogs, bivvies only allowed in winter
Skill level to catch: Beginner
Location: Mount Pleasant Farm, Stewkley

Three Island Lake, Stewkley

At two-and-a-half acres in size, Three Island Lake is oval in shape and has 36 pegs.

It’s lush with grasses during spring, summer and autumn, providing plenty of cover for anglers from both the fish and each other.

The fish are easily caught and managed on standard tackle.

- James Armstrong

Because the aim is to provide relaxed fishing in an attractive environment there are few rules.

As with most fisheries these days, anglers should use only barbless hooks and keepnets are permitted only in matches.

Anglers are also requested not to use excessive amounts of groundbait. 

Although there is a car park just a short walk from the lake, disabled anglers can drive behind their pegs when ground conditions are suitable, but are requested to ask for permission on arrival at the fishery.

The water has a clay bottom which slopes gradually from all banks to a maximum depth of between six and seven feet, although the entrance side bank shelves somewhat deeper than the far bank.

Three Island Lake is stocked with a mix of coarse fish including mirror, common and ghost carp which have grown rapidly to just over 20lbs, bream to 4lb and roach and rudd to about 1lb 8oz.

Because of the informal and pleasant atmosphere and location, Three Island Lake is becoming an increasingly popular venue for small club matches with winning bags of 180lb not being uncommon.

Keepnets are only allowed for match anglers who are required to use a minimum of two nets – one for carp and the other for silver fish, although all carp of 10lb and over should be weighed and returned to the water straight away.

There is a 50lb maximum limit for each keepnet.

Popular as both a pole and waggler water, there is no particular need to fish modern carp techniques as yet as the fish are easily caught and managed on standard tackle.

Because of its even depth and contours, no pegs are more productive than others, with anglers standing a good chance of catching wherever they choose to fish.

Having said that, the pegs near to the entrance are popular pegs and anglers legering for the carp do well casting to the islands.

Waggler anglers tend to stick to fairly lightweight tackle unless they are going for the carp, when they should scale up to 6lb or 8lb line and Size 8 or 10 hooks depending upon the bait they are using and how readily the fish are feeding.

Those fishing the pole should use the equivalent elastic strength.

Because of the large head of carp in the water, fishing floating bread or dog biscuits in the margins or where the fish can be seen cruising can be effective, particularly in the summer months.

Margin fishing is helped by the lush grasses which prove plenty of cover.

For those fishing on the bottom or mid-water, most popular baits so far have tended to be sweetcorn, luncheon meat and maggots, although it is well worth trying flavoured pellet baits, worms and casters.

As one would expect, casters can be a very productive bait for the rudd when fished light just under the surface in summer.

Although keepnets are only allowed in matches, ground bait can be used, although for best effect this should be mixed with samples of hookbait and fed fairly sparsely.


What you will need at Three Island Lake!


Jimmy began his angling on the river Ouse with his father fishing for roach. His passion grew quickly and soon developed a love for big-fish across the globe!

James | 9th January 2020