The Big Pit, Sherrington Pits

A very mysterious old pit set in the tranquil surroundings of Sherington Road Pits.

The Big Pit

Day ticket or syndicate: Newport Pagnell Angling Association, club ticket
How much?: 2 rods £47, 3 rod £67, gate keys £8
How do I get a ticket?: Online
How busy is it?: Relatively quiet
Can you drive to the swims?: No
On site facilities: None
Nearest tackle shop: Waters Edge or Willards
Average size: Doubles
Max realistic size: Mid 20’s
Realistic catch rate: 0-1 per day
Best swims: The Pipes or Bus Stop
Best method: Basic boilie or particle setups
Best bait: Boilies and tiger nuts
Ideal fishing range: 50-120yrd
Strange rules you should know: None
Skill level to catch: Experienced
Location: Sherington Sherington Road,, Newport Pagnell

The Big Pit

The Big Pit is a very historic pit on the Sherington complex and as its name suggests, it is pretty big, about 60 acres in fact.

There are shed loads of swims to choose from so a barrow is definitely required.

The lake has been affected by otters in the past and so has recently received a generous stocking of new carp, a mixture of beautiful scaly ones, commons, leathers and more – that’s not to mention the original stock which rumours suggest go to over 40lb.

Anglers are often seeing huge, uncaught commons in the lake. 

A venue full of mystery, every time you hook a fish, your body surges with adrenaline!

- James Armstrong

What do I need to know?

The lake bed is up and down, like that of an egg box, so you will always find something interesting to fish to. That’s not to mention the small islands, the snags, bays and other intriguing features to target. 

It is quite weedy, so it pays to do your homework in between your fishing sessions to try and locate likely looking areas, noting these in your phone or notepad for future escapades. 

The Big Pit is classed as a hardcore anglers water meaning that it is far from easy, perhaps harder than the other lakes on the Sherrington Pits complex.

Effort is certainly the order of the day.

Pre-baiting tactics, keeping in tune with the lake, making an effort to get up at first light to locate the fish are all absolutely key in succeeding on this incredible big-carp water. 


Jimmy began his angling on the river Ouse with his father fishing for roach. His passion grew quickly and soon developed a love for big-fish across the globe!

James | 9th December 2019