Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes.

Huge, windswept pit right next to MK Bowl containing a very large head of mirror and commons.

Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes.

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket or club ticket from www.mkaa.co.uk
How much?: Adult 2 rods full ticket - £45 Adult 3 rods full ticket - £58 Day tickets - £8 Senior 2 rods full ticket - £30 Senior 3 rods full ticket - £41 Day tickets - £5 Junior 2 rods full ticket - £10 Junior 3 rods full ticket - £41 Day tickets - £5
How do I get a ticket?: Day ticket on the bank or online at www.mkaa.co.uk
How busy is it?: It’s a very large lake with a lot of swims so you will always get a spot
Can you drive to the swims?: No
On site facilities: None
Nearest tackle shop: Angling Direct, Milton Keynes
Average size: Low doubles
Max realistic size: 30lb
Realistic catch rate: Several possible in a session
Best swims: All swims produce fish
Best method: Fishing over a bed of bait
Best bait: Boilies and particles (although there are large numbers of bream)
Ideal fishing range: 50-60 yards
Strange rules you should know: None
Skill level to catch: Beginner to Intermediate
Location: Furzton, Milton Keynes

Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes

Furzton Lake is one of the lakes that many a carp angler has visited to catch his or her first double figure fish. It is absolutely teeming with carp from doubles right through to 35lb plus. Furzton boasts a multitude of features and lends itself to a range of different tactics; marginal work, to long range fishing, to spodding, to zigs. They are catchable on so many methods. Furzton is always enjoyable and there’s always something going on.

In summer, the carp spend much of their time in the upper layers of the water so zig-rigs can score well Spombing a sloppy spod mix over the top.

- James Armstrong

Furzton is a bit of a monster sheet of water at around 70 acres in size. It is a park lake located right next to the MK Bowl so there’s always something going on and the lake does get quite busy with the public; dog walkers, bikers etc. That said, it does boast some amazing fishing for all species; with roach, bream, perch and carp most prevalent. Fishing is a little limited on which banks you can fish at certain times of year, this can all be confirmed on the MKAA website.

The best tactics on Furzton are to fish over bait. They are bait lovers! Find a nice, smooth, silty area and introduce a mixture of particles and boilies using the Spomb. Fish simple rigs over the top of this – pop-ups or bottom baits and you are very likely to get a pick up or two, especially on a 24 hour session. Keep that bait trickling in little often too as the fish will often respond to the splash of the Spomb.

In summer, the carp spend much of their time in the upper layers of the water so zig-rigs can score well Spombing a sloppy spod mix over the top. Chop and change between black and yellow bits of foam on the day.

If you are a surface fishing lover, then there can be many opportunities if the lake is calm with little or no wind. Again, make sure you have a Spomb rod with you because the carp can often be out at range and a catapult isn’t always enough to get the floaters out there.



James | 3rd January 2020