The Pines

A newish lake set in the Linford countryside full of stunning carp.

The Pines

Day ticket or syndicate: Day Ticket
How much?: £30 for 24 hours
How do I get a ticket?: Ring Waters Edge tackle shop to book swim on 01908 690969
How busy is it?: Can be very busy
Can you drive to the swims?: No
On site facilities: Tackle shop, cafe and toilets
Nearest tackle shop: Waters Edge or Willards
Average size: 20lb
Max realistic size: Low 30's
Realistic catch rate: 2-3 fish
Best swims: Pegs 1 and 2
Best method: Fishing on the bottom towards the far bank
Best bait: Boilies
Ideal fishing range: 10 yards
Strange rules you should know: No nuts
Skill level to catch: Novice to beginner
Location: Great Linford, Milton Keynes

Heron Lake

One of the smallest lakes on the complex and the newest.

The Pines was dug around 10 years ago, so still features quite a new, baron look to it, but the fish stock is fantastic and multiple hits can achieved.

A very good chance of a twenty!

- James Armstrong

What you need to know?

The bank opposite the swims is out of bounds, thus fishing long to the far-bank margins can be productive.

Try fishing potent bottom baits and pop-ups, with small PVA mesh bags of pellets and boilie crumb.

The fish also respond well to pungent PVA stick mixes so these are worth a try too. Add oily, fishy liquids in summer and something a little fruiter and more soluble in winter. 

Also, don’t neglect the zigs because these can score well on Pines too, especially if the water clears a little in the winter months.

What you need to try at Pines, Great Linford

James | 13th December 2019