Weybread Carp Fisheries

Weybread is a quiet, quaint and very secluded lake with a good head of beautiful carp.

Weybread Carp Fisheries, Norfolk

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket
Realistic catch rate: 1-3 per session
How much: £25 for 24 hours
How do I get a ticket: Onsite or book before you go
Skill level to catch: Beginner/Intermediate
How busy is it: Fairly busy, sometimes full
Location: Weybread, Diss
Can you drive to the swims: No
On site facilities: Toilets
Best bait: White pop ups
Average size: 20lb
Max realistic size: 32lb

Weybread Carp Fisheries

Weybread is the owners pride and joy. A peaceful and feature-full 3 acre lake with 100 carp

It seems he’s not in it for the money, to him it feels like it’s his baby and gives the Angler’s a lot of time to enjoy what he has created.

The up and coming big stock of 30lb carp are a great reason to visit.

Andrew Norcott

Weybread is a beautiful place, it’s quiet and everyone is friendly and it has a great family like atmosphere to it.

As the fish are growing fast it’s not a hard place to fish but the 100 carp that live here are turning in to some real characters.

Theres at least 5 different 30lb+ carp backed up with over 40 20lb fish.

weybread fishery

Weybread Fisheries Tactics

White pop ups have always worked well for me and I’m sure many others too.

I use sticky krill and scent from hell as they’re my favoured but stick to something white that you’re confident in and the fish will come.

The Ronnie rig works very well at Weybread, I swear by it.

The lake isn’t very weedy so you can get away with in line lead drop off systems or my preferred hybrid lead clip.

My Ronnies always have a 25lb boom section with a size 6 widegape kamakura and a 15 mm pop up.

It’s just so lethal if a fish gets hold of it, it’s not going anywhere, all attached to a size 8 quick change ring swivel.

I haven’t targeted Weybread with zigs too often butin my experience they haven’t worked very well.

Weybread may be small, but there are a lot of hotspots and features.

To give you a head start on a day session have a marker float on hand and have a little cast around, you will be very surprised on what you find!

Lead about in front of you and find some solid gravel and mark your lines up.

In summer, stick to floater fishing, you won’t get them on the lakebed at all during the days.

weybread fishery

Best Swims

Swim choice for me depends on the season, generally in autumn swims 8 and 9 produce a lot better than most.

But during the spring and summer they can be seen loitering in hoards across the top in pegs 1-7 so they would always be the first place I look.

Best Baits

As I said earlier, scent from hell is normally my choice of hookbait with sticky krill.

But I also use royal marine from Baitworks.

For me it’s just a strong potent bait and it doesn’t need anything added to it to be mega attractive.

Weybread Fishery Rules

Bait rules: No nuts
Hook patterns: Barbless only
Dogs: No dogs allowed
Mainline: No braid
Carp care: 42 inch+ neets
Carp care: Carp cradle/unhooking mat required
Lead patterns: No secured leads

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