Mill Pond, Husborne Crawley

A centuries old lake on a historical Bedfordshire estate.

Mill Pond Key Details

How much does it cost: £190 per year
How do you book or get a ticket: Contact Nigel on 07854649279
How busy is it: Very quiet
Can you drive to the swims: No
Nearest tackle shop: Browns Angling, Leighton Buzzard
Average size of the fish: 20lb
Realistic catch rate: 3 per session
Best swims: Boathouse island swims
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
Best bait: Whole and chopped boilies
Max realistic size: 34lb
Ideal fishing range: 10-40yrd
Best rigs/method: Helicopters with Ronnies

Mill Lake, Husborne Crawley

An old picturesque carpy water completely covered in overgrown margins, snaggy undercut islands and old wooden bridges.

With lily pads and an old boat house all surrounded by wild flowers, plants and country views the Mill Pond feels like something out of a Passion for Angling.

You’ll need these on Mill Pond

The Lake

This water is simply carpy heaven, the fish are an old Redmire strain and it was a water originally stocked with catfish when brought to the Bedford estate.

It boasts 5 islands and a boat house set in estate natural surroundings, with wild flowers and flourishing lily beds.

The water is very shallow, 3-4 feet at most.

It’s secluded with large, very ancient trees and estate land. You can simply hide away and feel like you are in a piece of angling history and that atmosphere taken from “A Passion For Angling”.   

Mill pond bedfordshire

What is it like to fish there? 

The water is an old, overgrown estate lake so it’s typically very silty in areas and the underslung snaggy islands are a magnet for the old carp and catfish that reside in the water…’s a stalkers paradise.

The fishing is very rewarding.

The fish are old characters and the swims are placed so every angler has their own water, with the islands dividing the layout it feels like 5 lakes in one. Cast accurately and fish locked up with the abundance of snaggy areas.  

Mill pond bedfordshire

What methods work best?

The best method by far is a helicopter approach using fused fluorocarbon leaders.

Lead core is banned so you have to work around this, so I always start with Ronnie Rigs, topped with some foam on the hook to hold the rig out above the choddy, silty bottom.

There’s no need for spombs or spods. But bring a catapult, a baiting pole is a massive advantage to get under them overhangs to so it’s well worth an investment.


What are you 3 top tips?

If I was advising someone new on mill pond I would say to firstly fish as tight as possible to islands and overhangs, the fish use these as patrol routes and an extra few inches makes all the difference.

Because of the shallow water the fish are generally on the move most of the year and do like a bit of bait, especially in the warmer months, don’t be shy on. or fish. for one at a time as you can bank several in quick succession.

Finally, make sure your hook bait is presentable, there is a lot of weed and underwater snags, check the spot with a bare lead first and then ensure your rig is presentable using lots of foam.

That said, don’t think that a solid bag will be the way forward, for whatever reason they just don’t seem to produce.


The mill pond is very quiet most of the week with a maximum 3-4 anglers on a busy day, even then though, because of the islands and features it doesn’t feel busy.

Each angler will end up wth his very own piece of seclusion and solitude.

You can simply hide away and feel like you are in a piece of angling history and that atmosphere taken from “A Passion For Angling”.   

Paul Baskerville

Mill Pond Rules

Are bait boats allowed: No
Are there any rig rules: No leadcore or braid
Are there any rules on hook sizes or patterns: : No
Are there any rules on barbed hooks: Yes BARBLESS ONLY
Parking rules: Car park
Any baiting rules (spombs etc): No
Are dogs allowed: Yes if on lead
Any baits that are banned: No nuts
How many rods are allowed: Up to 3
Is there an age limit: No under 16's
Fish care rules: Appropriate unhooking mat for the carp and catfish, minimum 42” landing net, carry carp care kit.
Any other rules: No

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