Marston Pit, Bedfordshire

This old, snaggy pit is filled with mystery, you really don't know what you are going to get

Marston Pit

Day ticket, club or syndicate: Club ticket -
Realistic catch rate: 0-1 fish a session
How much: £70 Membership
How do I get a ticket: Contact -
Skill level to catch: Experienced
How busy is it: Ok midweek, busy at weekends
Location: Marston, Bedfordshire
Can you drive to the swims: Some
On site facilities: None
Best bait: Boilies
Average size: 20lb plus
Max realistic size: Mid thirty

Marston Pit

Marston Pit is nestled in the quiet village of Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire. It is a very raw, cheap, club ticket with some old specimens residing in there. If you are an angler that wants an exciting venue, catching beautiful, young scaly carp with the chance of an old original, then this is a Great Lake to look at.

Access is nice and easy, you can drive to the majority of the swims, and midweek is usually pretty quiet in terms of angling pressure.

The carp do show themselves, particularly on a fresh, warm wind so it's important to get on them when you can.

James Armstrong

The Lake

Martson Pit was once part of the brickwork industry in the heart of Bedfordshire in the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s . The London Brick Company dug out huge areas of the county where clay seams were present, the clay was extracted and sent to the Stewartby brickworks and at one time the factory’s produced 135 million bricks a year, but as the years past there was a massive decline in brick demand and the brick industry slowed leaving the pits to flood ,but as a legacy they left huge expanses of water which were then rented out to leisure activity’s one being angling and this is when Ampthill Angling Club acquired the Marston Pit.

Ampthill Angling Club has had the lake for 30 years + and all the stocked fish have been put in by the club. In the early days, the lake held a good head of tench and bream but was only fished by a few. The lake now holds a great head of carp which attracts many budding carpers to the club but the lake also holds a good silver stock and one can easily spend a few happy evenings catching plentiful bags of roach and rudd too.

The far side of the lake (test track side) was also used by the railways to tip sleepers and other rail aggregates back in the 80’s but over the years the area has recovered and now matured into a picturesque lake.

Over the last few years the lake has had a gravel track installed by the club which now gives access to 70% of the lake and allowing anglers to park close to their chosen pegs, most pegs have great level areas for pitching up a bivvie if required or holding club or inter-club match’s.

Many hours have been spent by clubs members bringing this water into the 21 century of angling and hopefully a lasting for legacy for the club.

The Fishing

Carp can be tempted from all over lake at one time or another but the best and most valuable tool is watercraft – your eyes! Watch the water as much as possible and spend as much time as you can at the lake. The carp do show themselves, particularly on a fresh, warm wind so it’s important to get on them when you can.

Marston is festooned with snags and other features so I would say that marker floating and leading around is imperative to help you identify some features to fish to. Use braided main line to allow you to feel the lake bed as much as possible – no stretch will give you more feel.

Straight boilie approaches work well. Using hinged stiff rigs over the top of boilies is a tactic that can work exceptionally well and also help single out the bigger fish in the venue.

Surface fishing can be a winner in the summer months so always have some floaters in the motor.

Also, don’t neglect the margins. The lake does slope off into a decent depth of water so little traps set in the edges can work well. Try introducing small handful of chopped boilies and particles in a few different swims, checking them every so often to see if fish are feeding.


Marston Pit Rules

Are leaders allowed?: Any
Bait rules: None
Hook patterns: Micro barb or barbless only
Dogs: Yes
Mainline: 15lb minimum, no braid
Carp care: Unhooking mats, large landing net, weigh slings and forceps compulsory
Can you night fish?: Yes
Fires?: No fires!
Are bait boats allowed?: No


Jimmy began his angling on the river Ouse with his father fishing for roach. His passion grew quickly and soon developed a love for big-fish across the globe!


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