How End Fishery, Bedford

Awesome match venue for a great mixed bag of fish in pristine condition

How End Fishery

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket
Realistic catch rate: Large bags possible
How much: £10
How do I get a ticket: On site
Skill level to catch: Beginner
How busy is it: Can be busy, mainly a match venue
Location: Bedford
Can you drive to the swims: No
On site facilities: Cafe, tackle shop, toilet, electricity
Best bait: Soft pellet
Best swim: Pegs 11-18
Average size: 6-8lb
Max realistic size: 20lb

How End Fishery, Bedford

How End is only a small water with around 18 pegs. It boasts a large stock of carp and the matches can often be one with huge bags of fish; comprising, carp, barbel, tench, chub, bream, perch and even ide. The carp range from 6-8lb on average with fish as big as 20lb swimming in its depths.

The best way to begin a session at How End is to start with a long pole to the island. Try fishing with  paste over pellet, or pellet waggler 3/4 across the pond. Then in the last few hours of the day, try fishing paste or soft pellet in the margin. This method often gets your extra bites and from the bigger fish too.

Bait wise, soft pellets with green butane additives seems to work well for plenty of bites. If you want more of a specimen try a larger  8/10mm pellet fished in the margins.

In terms of rigs, I tend to fish with 5lbs mainline to a size 16/18 Guru Wide Gape hook for long pole. Then, 7lbs mainline to size 14 Guru Wide Gape with a 0.5g guru diamond pole float (paste).

The reason I do this is that it eliminates the smaller fish and makes for quicker bites.

Try tight to the island to start and work your way back to 3/4 until you find the fish, then keep loose feeding pellets. This will encourage them to the area and then entice them into staying as a regular stream of food keeps them feeding.

There are disabled pegs on the lake and these are normally left for those unable to use other pegs. Other than that, all pegs have easy access to the island 13m across and good fishing in the margins.

For me pegs 11-18 seem to be more prolific in matches and provide consistent action.

One thing I try to avoid is fishing with small hooks and single maggots, particularly in the summer as you will be plagued with small fish.

In summer, the carp do spend time up in the water, so a pellet waggler is worthy a try.

How End

Bait rules: No nuts
Dogs: No
Hooks: Barbless only
Equipment: No bait boats or spod/spombs
Lead arrangements : No fixed leads
Bait rules: No shelf life Boilies
Other rules: None

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