Grand Union Canal, Leighton Buzzard

Canal fishing can be really mysterious, you never quite know what might pop up. Here, we reveal a wonderful stretch of the Grand Union in Leighton Buzzard.

Grand Union Canal

A quiet stretch of canal just outside the busy town of Leighton Buzzard. The stretch is long and pretty narrow containing all manner of species; from carp, to tench, bream, roach aplenty and some very sizeable perch which are kept on the quiet. A real mixed bag on this stretch to keep you interested!

Grand Union Canal, Leighton Buzzard

Tickets: Day Ticket On The Bank Or Club Ticket
How much: Adult £92, OAP, intermediate and disabled £59, junior £10
How to book: On The Bank Bailiff
How busy: Pretty Quiet
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: None
Average Size: Doubles
Max size: 25lb
Realistic catch rate: 1 per session
Best rig: Ronnie Rig
Best bait: Bright Pop-Up
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate

The canal is a unique prospect compared to lake fishing, because you can be fishing for the relatively unknown

Mark Wooley

The canal is a unique prospect compared to lake fishing, because you can be fishing for the relatively unknown. The Leighton stretch is long, but each section between locks is its own venue with little families of carp in each, so much so, that you often catch the same residents.

It important to fish the canal early in the morning because this is when the boat traffic is at an all time low. You rarely see a boat early morning and it can often be the best time for a bite also.

Travel light, as it will often require a lot of walking to keep on the fish and locate them. One of the best methods in summertime is to travel with a bucket of floaters and tackle to allow you to freeline. Ensure you have a loaf of bread too because this can be a great hook bait to freeline with as it is heavy and allows you to cast it better than a biscuit hook bait.

Walk the canal spreading floaters, stand and watch the stretch for signs of fish feeding. These aren’t pressured fish so literally stick your bait in its mouth and it’ll normally have it. This is also a great method to work out what fish are in the stretch and if it’s worth you targeting.

On days where you are not fishing, it can pay to go for a bike ride or dog walk along the canal, this way you will never stop learning and may stumble across a few more fish.


Grand Union Canal Rules

Barbed or barbless?: Either
Any rules on bait?: None
Fish care: Mats, suitable nets and fish care required
Other rules: None

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