Tiddenfoot, Leighton Buzzard

A busy 10-acre public water in central Bedfordshire with carp to over 40lb

Tiddenfoot, Leighton Buzzard

Tiddenfoot lake is in the middle of a waterside park in Leighton Buzzard, it’s a great looking water with some really special fish averaging over 20lb.

As it’s a public water you can expect the normal level of runners and dog walkers, but don’t let this put you off as some of the beautiful carp are well worth the effort.

Tiddenfoot, Leighton Buzzard

Tickets: Club
How much: £40 for 90-day pass.
How to book: Browns Angling near the lake.
How busy: Can be very busy in summer
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: None.
Average Size: 20lb
Realistic catch rate: 0-3
Best swims: Shallows in the warmer months
Best method: Tightly baited area
Best bait: Bright pop ups/wafters
Max size: 44lb

Surface fishing can be effective, but it's underused thanks to the birdlife on the lake, find a way round them and you're on to a winner

Harry Bur

A tightly baited area using boilie and particle in a spomb on the clearer areas of the lake is my go to method.

Though the stock isn’t massive and you may be tempted in to pre baiting to draw the fish in, this is a no go. I found that due to the popularity of the lake, especially in the warmer months, you may well find your spot taken on the day you arrive to fish.

My advice would be o stay mobile and locate the fish.

Bait wise, I tend to use sticky baits wafters mounted on a size 6 curve shank thinking anglers hook, fished on an iQ D styled rig set up.

Bright baits work best at Tiddenfoot, especially in the summer months and I’d normally use a helicopter set up with an unleaded leader.

In the summer months, the shallows tend to fish well, however its a busy lake so you may have to jump in to any available swim – in this situation locate a clear spot and keep things quiet, the fish may drift over to you to avoid pressure.

Zigs can work well in this clear water, but stay well out of reach of the birdlife on the surface, a small bit of black foam on a typical zig set up can produce well especially in the Spring.

Tiddenfoot is a busy lake and not just for anglers, so keep things light, follow the fish and make sure to get a rig on any showing fish.

Tiddenfoot, Leighton Buzzard

Are bait boats allowed: No.
Are there any rig rules: No.
Are there any rules on mainline: 18lb minimum
How many rods are allowed: 3 max
Any rules on bait?: None but stay clear of bread.
Fish care: Liquids and mats required.
Other rules: No dogs.

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