Wainstones Pool, Yorkshire

A picturesque venue nestled in North Yorkshire where the rewards are unique character fish and even a possible Northern Record.

Wainstones Pool, Yorkshire

How much does it cost: £1,100 for Monday-Friday
How do you book or get a ticket: MarkPitchers.co.uk
How busy is it: Booked up to 2 years in advance
Can you drive to the swims: No
Nearest tackle shop: Carp Crazy Angling Centre
Average size of the fish: 20lb
Best swims: Pipe Point
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
Best bait: CC Moore Live System
Best method: Pop-up, over scattering of bait
Max realistic size: 39lb
Facilities: Carpy Toilet, Running Water, Secure Car Parking - Carpers Cabin With BBQ Coming Soon

Wainstones Pool, Yorkshire

This Venue is a must, it’s intimate, addictive and challenging.

When you add this to the truly remarkable stamp of fish, with some sitting on the edge of 40lb it’s a venue that should be on everyone’s ‘To Do’ list.

Quiet, peaceful and relaxing. A lake that makes you think and gives you the rewards to match.

Martin Walker

Tackle you will need at Wainstones

What is Wainstones like?

Wainstones is quiet, peaceful and relaxing. For such a small lake, it punches well above its weight and makes you think, adapt and focus on your goal. The rewards are there to match.

Wainstones is a real carpy venue. It’s well looked after and pristine.

In the early 90’s is was a tiny day ticket pool of less than acre with all species. Now though, it’s been extended to 2 acres and some of those old carp residents still exist.

Back in 2003 it opened as an exclusive syndicate water and was only available to fish as an invite only venue.

But now it’s opened on a lake exclusive booking it is within reach of any angler who puts their name down on the waiting list.

The facilities on site are OK, the basics are covered with a loo and running water but other than that you’re on your own. Though there is a leisure facility nearby for a quick swim and a shower.

There’s a cabin and BBQ area for a little social but you’re in a remote location so you’re going to have to sort your own food and sustenance.

Who would love it?

If you’re looking for plenty of fish or a social, it’s not for you, but if you’re after a cracking small venue where a northern carp record isn’t far off, Wainstones is a dream come true.

The stock is a mix of old gnarly originals and pristine stock fish up to 39lb, there’s around 55-60 fish in 2 acres.

Several periods of stocking have happened over the years, with the real jewels being those old residents that have been swimming in this charming water for nearly 30 years.

Because of the weed in the summer, the naturals available and the tricky stock, Wainstones suits those looking for a challenge.

Mark’s session at Wainstones pool:


What tactics do the business

Newcomers should keep disturbance down, take time to find a spot to present the bait and be patient as Wainstones is far from a runs water.

In the summer months it gets very weedy and offers the carp an easy diet of naturals, so catching them can prove trickier and you will have to work hard.

There are opportunities to be had in the clear spots and fishing under the plethora or overhangs, reed beds, lilies and the 2 islands – this coupled with the small size of the lake make it a stalking paradise.

Single hook baits and small parcels of bait in these clearer areas tend to produce fish consistently, year round so be accurate, be patient and you might catch a beauty!


Wainstones is a venue well worth the visit, in the north there is nothing like it so stands head and shoulders above the rest.

In terms of the setting, fish and overall offering its also up there with the very best in the entire country.

Wainstones Pool, Yorkshire

Are bait boats allowed: Yes
Are there any rig rules: No Ronnie, spinner 360 type rigs or Zigs.
Are there any rules on hook sizes or patterns: : No Long Shanks
Are there any rules on barbed hooks: Barbless hooks only
Any baits that are banned: Boilie Only
How many rods are allowed: Three
Is there an age limit: No
Fish care: Mats slings ect. Provided. Fish Care essential.

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