Pettitts, Norton Disney

A clear 16 acre lake, with 13 swims, 250 cracking carp averaging 20lb +

Pettitts, Norton Disney

One of the most popular lakes on the the Norton Disney complex run by Embryo Angling, for good reason.


Big Fish Potential


Swim Comfort


Value for Money

Pettitts, Norton Disney

How much does it cost: £20-£29 per 24hrs depending on day of the week, cheaper in winter.
How do you book or get a ticket: Turn up and pay at machine
How busy is it: Plenty of space in the week, busier at weekends.
Can you drive to the swims: No, but lots of car parks within 100m of swim
Nearest tackle shop: Future fishing – Newark , Angling Direct – Lincoln
Average size of the fish: 22lb
Best swims: 6/7/11/12
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
Best bait: Pellet/Maize
Best method: Solid bags/Spinner rigs
Max realistic size: 38lb
Location: Norton Disney, Lincoln, LN6 9QH
Facilities: Male & Female toilets, Showers, Tackle Van, Food Van, Disabled access wet room.

Pettitts, Norton Disney

The Embryo Angling Norton Disney complex is a 5 lake complex (more to come) situated just off the A1 between Newark and Lincoln.

Each lake offers something different for anglers, from a 10 acre runs water for the angler looking just to catch a few, to a 16 Acre specimen lake with 250 of the best hand selected fish that are on site, today we’re featuring

Fishing the whole complex, you almost feel like you’re doing a good deed for carp fishing.

Rob Burgess

What is it like?

Fishing the whole complex, you almost feel like you’re doing a good deed for carp fishing.

The embryo model ensures that all funds that are made by embryo are reinvested into their various projects, whether that be opening new lakes or fencing lakes that are at risk of predation so when you buy your ticket at the machine, you know your money is going back into carp fishing, and not just lining some businessman’s pockets.

The potential of the fish in there are also a big reason of why I fish there, they are some of the best stocked fish you’ll find and with growth rates upwards of 7lb a year the place will be teeming with 30 and 40 pounders in the near future.

For the normal punter, you also feel a sense of being looked after as the guys on site can’t do enough for you.

They offer free coaching all day every day, whether that be 2 minutes to tell you a spot that produces, or 2 hours to sit and go through rigs, the lads will do it all.

They’re all also more than competent with a camera and come and do all your shots so you’ve got some top-quality shots of your captures.

Best pegs on Pettitts

Swim 7 “Dead Tree Point” commands a large amount of water in the middle zone of the lake, fishing at 24.5 wraps to the right hand side of peg 1 puts you onto a lovely hard area that produces a lot of fish.

For the angler that can go a little bit further, 26.5 wraps puts you into a silty trough where the gravel meets the silt at the back of the bar.

Swims 8 & 9 are awesome when the sun is shining. They offer some great action. and something a little bit different to the norm.

The long margin where there are no swims is deep and has a lot of weed close to the bank, giving the carp sanctuary and natural food and seems to be a magnet in the warmer weather.

A carefully placed rig and an incognito baiting approach can heed great results.

Swims 11 & 12 “Lovers Point” are perfect for a social or the angler who doesn’t want to chuck long and this double swim is a popular choice, so bait is going in regularly.

With an island at 70 yards, lovers point offers some excellent close range fishing over a variance of depths.

Swim 12 offers shallower water with bars and weed beds, whereas swim 11 fishes the deeper water with a lot of humps and bumps out in front.

Swims 2 & 3 – Both of these swims are in the middle zone of the lake and often find themselves intercepting fish that are moving up and down the lake at not to strenuous distances.

You will find gravel at between 20-24 wraps in this swim and keep your eyes peeled early morning and evening as they do like to show in that middle zone.

Methods that work

Solid bags, these fish are mainly stocked fish so they have been brought up on pellet, small parcels of feed with a bright hook bait can be the downfall of these fish.

Ronnie/Spinner rigs have definitely accounted for a lot of fish around the complex.

A tight spread of baiting on a spot and 3 of these rigs in the right zone has been the downfall of a number of fish in Pettitt’s. Fishing something like the Korda ‘Boom’ material, it’s anti tangle properties when fishing at range are a big reason why it is such a popular method.

Tackle you will need at Pettitts

Tips for new anglers on Pettitts

  1. Speak to the bailiffs. Those guys are at the fishery every day, they know where the fish are. Don’t ignore that.
  2. Keep it simple. Don’t get sucked into reinventing the wheel just because you’re visiting a new venue, stick to what you do well and the rewards will come.
  3. Don’t be afraid to move/stay mobile. Too many anglers bring everything but the kitchen sink and set up camp for x amount of nights. If it isn’t happening in your area they simply aren’t there, don’t be afraid to get back on the barrow and make it happen.

Who would love it?

I don’t think any angler can dislike Pettitts or any lakes on the complex, what embryo are doing for carp fishing is something to be admired. On top of that, the staff are friendly and will do anything for you, the facilities are clean, and the fish are immaculate and stunning, what’s not to love?

Common mistakes

Pub Chucking – Casting a rig without any consideration for finding a spot or where its going is something that simply doesn’t work at Norton.

More than likely you will find that your rig is buried in the weed somewhere, and will not be presented or fishing effectively

Does it get busy and when ?

With Norton Disney being quite a new venue it hasn’t as of yet been able to establish trends of when it gets super busy etc. As with most places, the weekends are busier than during the week and we can expect that through the warmer months the banks will be busier than in the cold depths of winter.

The staff at Norton do offer the ability to call the fishery phone and one of the guys will happily give you an update on swim availability across the site.

The fishery itself seems to react well to angling pressure, the more lines in the water seems to get the fish moving and more actively looking for food.

Norton Disney, Pettitts Rules

Are bait boats allowed: No
Are there any rig rules: No 360 rigs
Are there any rules on hook sizes or patterns: : No lonog shank nailer hooks
Are there any rules on barbed hooks: Barbless hooks only
Parking rules: No parking behind swims
Are dogs allowed: Yes
Any baits that are banned: No maggots, nuts, worm or live baits.
How many rods are allowed: Three
Is there an age limit: Under 16's have to be with an adult
Special bait rules: Only venue low oil pellets & boilies. No preserved particles.
Fish care: Suitable carp landing net, unhooking mat and weigh sling are mandatory. All of which MUST be completely dry before coming onto site. Wet fish handling equipment = no entry.
Fish care: You must have suitable carp care liquid for treating injuries on landed fish.
Fish care: Unhooking mats are compulsory and must be a minimum of 1.5” thick unless using an elevated, cradle type mat.
Fish care: Fish must be lifted from the water in a weigh sling
Fish care: Fish can be retained for no longer than 15 minutes and must be out of water for the minimum time possible. All fish must be weighed and photographed safely in the swim they are landed from.
Fish care: Any dead fish or fish that look to be distressed or injured, please inform the fishery team immediately.

Rob Burgess

Rob Burges (Koach) spends most of his week coaching anglers on the many UK day ticket waters. Consequently, he has a knack of catching carp consistently from the most pressured waters.

Other captures at Pettitts

Here’s some more pics of the glorious fish at Embryo’s Norton Disney Pettitts Lake.

To feature your pictures, email them to


pettitts norton disney
@carper_pratt had a great session over on Pettits Lake. He landed three belters topped by this 33lb common using DNA Baits SLK pop-ups.

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