Trent View Carp Fishery, Nottingham

Trent View is an impressive 27-acre carp lake opened in 2015 with amazing facilities and 2000 carp to over 40lb. 

Trent View Carp Fishery, Nottingham

A 27-acre fairly new lake in Nottinghamshire, Trent View is fast becoming a magnet for local carp anglers thanks to its booming stock of 2000 carp.

Far from the most mature lake, it makes up for its lack of bank side features with its facilities, stock, fish quality and ‘carpy feel’.

Trent View Carp Fishery, Nottingham

Tickets: Day Ticket
How much: £25 for 24 hours, £45 for 48
How to book: Book before you go
How busy: Usually only a few spots available.
Can you drive to swims: Yes
On site facilities: Tackle shop, toilets, showers, food and 24 hour staff.
Average Size: 20lb
Max size: 44lb
Realistic catch rate: 3-7 per session
Best swims: All produce, follow the wind.
Best rig: Snowman.
Best bait: Lake pellets
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate
Fish you could catch here: The Guts at 44lb

The shallows do really well when it's warmer but every peg does fish, especially if the wind is chopping in.

Karl Asher

The fish show themselves well and they like a big wind so it’s usually fairly easy to locate them.

So once I’ve done this I always start off with 10 spombs of the fishery pellets and go from there, the residents are used to feeding on them in bulk so I feel this adds some confidence.

It’s well worth soaking those pellets in a good quality liquid if you want to make them stand out a little more.

I’ve done really well on a snowman rig so only really use this as Trent View, a white, yellow or brown topped boilie will do the trick depending on the day.

I always use a lead clip system with tubing (there is a leader ban) with a 3.5 dumpy distance lead to a 16lb fluorocarbon hook length tied d rig with a 16mm homemade bottom bait tip off with a 12mm white/yellow/brown pop up.

This works well as it’s the only bigger food source over the top of something they are comfortable in feeding on.

My top 3 tips would be to find the fish first before setting up, use the fishery pellets and don’t neglect the margins.

When you arrive it’s well worth having a chat with the bailiffs about what is happening around the lake, where are the fish being caught etc, check on the wind direction and as a starting point follow that!

The shallows do really well when it’s warmer but every peg does fish.

In winter i’d jump on the zigs or go for maggots, both are proven methods at Trent View. Remember that no fixed zigs are allowed and no fake baits or foam on the hook.

Trent View is a really good venue angling community wise, it’s really like a family, everyone is more than happy to help and have a chat.

Don’t forget your spod rod!

Trent View Carp Fishery, Nottingham

Barbed or barbless?: Barbless and micro only
Any rules on bait?: No fake baits including foam, no nuts or bait fishing, only particles bought on site.
Baitboats allowed?: Yes
Fish care: Nets to be dipped, 42 inch minimum, fish care liquids required
Mainline rules: No braid, 12lb minimum mainline
Other rules: No fixed zigs or leaders of any kind, no wading, dogs on leads.

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