Billy’s Lake, Norton Disney

Prolific venue that suits every Angling capability, clean environment, and facilities to match.

Billy's Lake

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket
Realistic catch rate: Several possible
How much: £12 Day, £25 24 Hours
How do I get a ticket: On site
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Can be busy at weekends but lots of space
Location: Norton Disney
Can you drive to the swims: No
On site facilities: Tackle shop, toilets.
Best bait: Boilies and pellets
Average size: 18lb-23lb
Max realistic size: 34lb

Billy's Lake, Norton Disney

Norton Disney is a fantastic venue of around 27 acres, every fish is picture perfect, no matter how big or small 👌

The fact anyone can turn up and not be disappointed with the swim your in. The water you have is phenomenal, for a day ticket fishery you will be amazed at the space this venue offers per swim.

Visit the lodge and meet the team of balifffs on duty. Brilliant people who will point you in the right direction, more than happy to guide you to fish the best they can.. Take a look at the detailed swim maps and lake contour maps too that are located near the lodge. This will give you a good idea of the swim you decide to fish.

A brilliant venue with potential to be the best day ticket water in the country

Mark Greenway

What is it like?

A brilliant venue with potential to be the best day ticket water in the country. The fish are amazing and facilities too. Staff are willing to help whenever needed, the fish are banging, from dark commons to scaly mirrors you won’t be disappointed when the alarm sounds.

What bait & methods to try?

Feed the Fishery pellet, they love it. Find a spot you are comfortable with and feed them a mix of pellet and mushed boilie.

Solid bags over Fishery pellet is a great way to have a hit of fish. Ronnie rigs with bright yellow pop ups over pellet too. You won’t be far wrong if you use this tactic.

I use solid bags in a lot of my fishing so I applied this tactic to Embryo Norton Disney Billy’s lake, a solid bag presented over the fisheries own pellet seemed to do the damage, a 4 inch supple hooklength to a size 6 barbless kurv shank, with a mainline pop up or wafter seemed to fool the carp. Please note its barbless only at Norton Disney.

I love peg 5 on Billy’s lake, due to the fact the wind often pushes into here. Peg 3 on Billy’s is very good too. 26 wraps finds a lovely hard area that the fish seem to love, put your bait there and you won’t be far away from a stunning Billy’s carp.

Small bright baits such as mainline fluro pop ups work well – something to catch their eye. Yellow, pink, white seemed to be the best colours. Fishery pellet is a must, the fish are reared on this pellet, they love it. And very good prices too being 5kg for £10 or sacks of 25kg for £40

I don’t think standard bottom bait rigs would work so well due to the amount of weed in Billy’s lake. The clear areas are there but pop ups and solid bags seem to be a lot more prolific.

Be aware that most people cast too far!  You don’t need to go a million miles on Billy’s lake. 80-100 yards is a very good area.. But don’t be afraid to come slightly shorter to find those feeding carp.

Find a swim with some decent depth to it, find a nice spot you are happy and comfortable fishing to, I would use small solid bags still, and cast to showing fish if possible as this tactic seems to be prolific in the colder months.

Billy's Lake

Bait rules: Boilies, pellets and maize only, no shelf life, no maggots etc
Bait boats: No baitboats
Dogs: Under control
Hooks: Barbless only
Hook patterns: No longshanks
Mainline: No braid, minimum 12lb main line
Other rules: Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult

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