Tidal River Trent, Collingham

Barbel fishing on the Tidal River Trent in Collingham, Nottingham

Tidal River Trent Key Info

How much does it cost: £5 per day or £10 for 24h
How do you book or get a ticket: Bailiff on site
How busy is it: Can be busy specially the start of season
Can you drive to the swims: Some pegs can be driven to
Nearest tackle shop: Approximately 10 miles away.
Average size of the fish: 6-8lb
Realistic catch rate: 1-3 fish per day possible 3-10 fish in 24h
Best swims: Whirlpool peg 1-10, peg 56-73, peg 85-110, peg 160-180.
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
Best bait: Krill, bloodworm boilie, halibut pellets.
Max realistic size: 15lb

Tidal River Trent, Collingham

The river Trent is an absolute beast of a water.

From flat calm and slow to gushing powerful stretches, it offers most anglers something to go at, whether it’s carp, pike, perch or in this case mighty barbel.

In this reader approved venue, we join Eddy on his local stretch of the tidal river, near Collingham in Nottingham.

The Trent around Collingham is tidal, meaning it’s levels are all over the place and it’s rare to see it looking the same from one day to another, so wherever you end up fishing make sure you’re well back from the waters edge or you might find yourself with wet feet!

My first port of call is the bailiff, a friendly chap he’s the hub of all knowledge on the stretch, no one catches without him knowing so it’s well worth your time to find him and ask about the latest catches.

Normally, if angling pressure allows, I’m looking to fish before a bend and always had more productive days when there isn’t an angler within a couple of hundred yards upstream.

I’m usually fishing with 3 rods and I’d advise to use light carp gear because of the flow and the size of feeder needed to hold bottom some days.

I personally use 3.25lb Daiwa rods, they have enough grunt to punch out the feeders and put some pressure on any fish I’m likely to encounter.

Definitely pair these with a good bait runner reel because of savage takes, for the same reason you want at least 10lb line minimum, with 12 or 15lb being needed in some more snaggy stretches.

I’d certainly recommend having two upstream rods that are set up with 3oz Guru cage feeders with a mix of ground bait, hemp and pellet, this has always produced fish for me and most anglers in the area.

The third rod is downstream and usually a simple lead set up, cast within the. bait trail of the upstream rods, this is a great tip for finding the bigger fish in the stretch who often shy away from the feeders earlier on in the session.

Generally I pack both ends of the feeder with Sensas hemp and krill ground bait and a mix of pellets soaked in krill and halibut oil go in the middle. This creates a great scent trail.

On the third rod I’d recommend a gripper lead filled with a belachan paste in the middle, you’ don’t need much though.

As all three rods are in one line stretching down an area of 50 yards or so it’s easy to create a nice feeding area that really pulls fish upstream towards you.

Sometimes I will opt to go heavier on the baiting in the warmer months or if I need to bring some fish in. Assuming there isn’t an angler upstream, a few balls of ground bait with some belachan in the middle will help build a swim quickly.

Introduce these a good 50-70 yards upstream and let them roll down adding bait and flavour profile all around you.

Rig wise I use varying hook sizes depending on the size of the bait I’m using, 10-12lb hook link about 3-5ft long depending on the flow. Krill or bloodworm boilies, halibut pellets or luncheon meat are baits I’d never go to fish the Trent without, castors can also bring fish when times are hard.

Overall, the tidal river Trent around Nottingham contains some cracking options for a roaming angler to bank some fish, the Collingham area itself  is a great stretch to target some hard fighting Barbel specifically and I couldn’t recommend it higher.

Fishing in a powerful river with loads of pegs and possibility, you can completely isolate from everyone.

Eddy Lee
Reader Approved

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