Square Pond, Neath

Square Pond in Neath, Swansea Is not easy fishing by any means, but the fish that lie there are something special.

Square Pond, Neath

Square Pond is 6.5 acres of pure bliss in Neath, Swansea.

Though it has a small stock of carp averaging over 20lb, there are a few over 30lb, all of which are absolute minters.

Square Pond, Neath, Swansea

Tickets: Day Ticket
How much: £100
How to book: Book before you go
How busy: Rarely more than a few anglers
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: 24hr Security
Average Size: 20lb
Max size: 31lb
Realistic catch rate: 0-1 per session
Best swims: Pylon or the Social
Best bait: Boilies
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate

Reader Approved | 8th July 2020

Use a bait you are confident in and fish to a clear area.

Ryan Morley

Square Pond is by no means an easy venue, the stock is fairly low, but the rewards are really there for those anglers willing to put the time in.

At 6.5 acres, it’s not a huge place, so you can walk a few laps and find the fish before choosing where to fish.

Personally, I always like to find a nice clean area big enough to present 3 rods on it, then apply bait with a spomb.

This mix could be anything, from just boilies to mixing in some corn, tigers or smaller particles, but the latter can bring the bream in.

The fish are known to hide away in the vast numbers of lily pads that grow in the lake so during the summer months I would head up into the “social swims” or the “Pylon” swims as they give you great access to where the fish are held up during these months.

Presenting a bait as close as you can to the lillies will stand you in good stead.

Zigs are a very underused method on the lake, not many people tend to use them, but I’m sure if used correctly then the results would soon come.

Square Pond, Neath, Swansea - Rules

Any rules on bait?: No lures or bait fishing
Baitboats allowed?: No
Fish care: Fish care liquids and mats
Mainline requirements: 15lb minimum
Other rules: Boats available on site, no under 16s

Reader Approved

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