Caerphilly Castle Moat, Wales

A totally unique 13th century Castle Moat full of some of the most beautiful carp that Wales has to offer.

Caerphilly Castle Moat, Wales

Day ticket or syndicate: Club ticket
Realistic catch rate: 3 per session
How much: £40 per year
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Always a swim available
Can you drive to the swims: No
Best method: Chods or PVA bags.
On site facilities: None, but tackle shop nearby
Best bait: Boilies
Average size: Upper doubles
Max realistic size: 26lb

Caerphilly Castle Moat, Wales

At around 30 acres, Caerphilly Castle Moat is an incredible venue, it’s one of, if not the most picture-perfect venues in Wales.

The castle backdrop provides jaw-dropping scenery for every picture and the quality of the carp gives every run the ability to be a trophy shot.

The quality of the carp is incredible and the photos you can get with the castle in the back ground are truly jaw dropping.

Tom Jehu

Caerphilly Castle Moat is an iconic welsh venue steeped in history providing the perfect backdrop to all your fish pics.

Top tips

Spend time searching for small clear areas in the weed, that’s where most of the better fish get caught and keep eyes on the water at all times and don’t be afraid to move into showing fish.

Don’t be shy on bait, these carp love bait and lots of it!

A good quality boilie will work wonders and if that becomes expensive a mixture of boilie, pellet and corn is a great alternative.

Leaders are not allowed so it is essential to use a strong mainline on this venue. Personally I use 23lb Fox Exocet and it does the job.

A naked helicopter setup with a Chod is a good option for fishing on the low lying weed, but when you find a clear spot in the weed a lead-clip set up with a long length of tubing is ideal.

Rig tips

I use a Chod rig made using a size 8 Hobo Original Chod Hook, Micro R-Swivel and a size 8 R-Swivel. Armoured Chod from Hobo armour makes my rig material.

I opt to use a Micro R-Swivel for attaching my hookbait because of the extra range of movement it gives my hookbait.

The size 8 Chod hooks are incredibly strong and razor sharp, they never let me down. Armoured Chod is 25lb breaking strain and has fantastic abrasion resistance making it the ideal rig material for use in weedy lakes.

It also doesn’t require any steaming to straighten or curving into the Chod shape.

I also use a Ronnie Rig on the clean areas when I can guarantee that I’m not snag fishing.

I use the same rig material, Armoured Chod.

I couple that up with a Hobo Original CurveShank Hook in size 4, a Micro R-Swivel, Hook Bead, Large Kicker, S-Swivel and an Anti-Tangle Sleeve.

In winter I use a lot of solid bags and keep the bait to a minimum.

Best swims

The top pegs are definitely those between the islands in the south lake and along the tree line on the North lake.

Both of these areas are situated along banks where fishing is not permitted, but you are allowed to fish up to the banks, just not from these banks.

They provide sanctuary for the carp with the abundance of snags and safe havens.

There is an interconnecting waterway between these two areas which the fish use as a highway throughout the year.

Bait ideas

Start with a good quality boilie mixed with corn and pellet.

Most anglers who fish the lake use boilie and the fish respond to them incredibly well.

Pure particle also works but when you use boilie in your mixture it does get a better response.

Tips for new anglers

A lot of new anglers to the venue don’t tend to spend time searching for clear areas in the weed and end up fishing without being presented.

Also people can be a little shy on bait where as large beds of bait tend to work much better than fishing for a bite.

Have a lead about and find spots to present their rigs on. Small spots are very productive, but it is possible to work a spot and get it rocking.

Find some fish, get two rods in small holes in the weed as close as you can to the area where the fish are without spooking them.

Then use a catapult to fire some bait in the area and wait for a response. If nothing happens, be patient as they will move onto the bait.

It’s advisable to fish with a friend as netting fish when you are net to the venue can be difficult due to the walls and height the pegs are above the water in some areas, particularly on the north lake.

Caerphilly Castle Moat, Wales

Hook pattern rules: Barbless only
Rule on boats: Bait boats banned
Wading rules: Waders/wellies required
Unhooking mats: Mats required
Fish care rules: Required.
Other rules: No alcohol on site
Line rules: No braid or leaders.


Chappers has been angling since he was five and has spent the last 10-years fishing across the World. Catching carp to 60lb, wild Arapaima to 400lbs, Siamese carp over 200lb, Maekong Catfish to 250lb and 100lb Redtail catfish.


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