Kaldred, Denmark

A lovely mature lake set in the beautiful Danish countryside.

Kaldred, Denmark

How much does it cost: £18/ €20 per 12 hours; £29/ €34 per 24 hours; £41/ €47 per 48 hours; £117/€134 for 5 week days (not weekend); £140/ €161 for full week; £1165/ €1340 Lake exclusive
How do you book or get a ticket: contact lake owner Nicolai on: Mail: Nms-bemanding@hotmail.com Phone: 0045 22439843
How busy is it: Mainly trout anglers, it is possible to close an area
Can you drive to the swims: Some
Nearest tackle shop: 30 minutes
Average size of the fish: Mid doubles
Realistic catch rate: 1-3 fish per day possible.
Best swims: Carpy Corner and Main Swim
Skill level to catch: Intermediate/Experienced
Best bait: Corn, hemp and milk/nutty boilies
Max realistic size: 38lb
Ideal fishing range: 15-80 metres (stalking too)
Best rigs/method: Pop-ups on Ronnies

Kaldred, Denmark

This venue is one of the most beautiful places I have ever fished set deep in the Danish countryside. The fish are absolutely immaculate and the water is crystal clear. Although there are a large number of trout, the carp are fast-growing and there are some very big sturgeon which make for a wonderful surprise. All in all, a very very enjoyable, picturesque venue for any angler.

What is it like to fish there?

The trout anglers can be too much, but the scene is great, with an active gravel pit in the back. Sometimes you can sea eagles in the summer nesting in the big, towering trees.

The water is crytal clear, but weedy. The fish have put on massive weights; up to 7lb a year. It is a young gravel pit, but the stock of carp is going up rapidly with some fast growing, big-shouldered carp introduced in the year 2020. The carp have all been put in at around 12-18lb.

Tell us about the methods that work and your special advice on how to implement

Two grains of fake corn on a size 6 hook or small snowmans with a size 4 seem to be the best method to tempt the carp and the sturgeon.

I like to attach a mesh bag or a stick to ensure that the hook stands clear of weed when fishing over it. Single flouro pop-ups is also a very good way to tempt them.

If you could give new anglers fishing the venue 3 tips what would they be?

  1. When you see Koi, the carp are right behind, they follow the koi around and feed.
  2. The gravel pit is deep, between 2-8.5 meters, so find the features, or fish close between 4-6 meters.
  3. Bite time is between 6-11 am, you can set you clock by it.

What sort of angler would love/hate the venue?

It would be ideal for a bunch of mates to have a trip to the beautiful Scandanavian countryside away from everything. Don’t expect French fishing, catching huge carp one after the other. but do expect some truly memorable scenes.

Are there any tactics that simply do not work? 

High flouro pop-ups, 18mm chods, big snowmans, they don’t seem to work particularly well.

Does it get busy and when?

Trout anglers walk freely so carp anglers need to make them understand where your spots and lines are. We are making 6-7 swims that can only be fished from.

It's without doubt the most scenic place I have ever had the pleasure of wetting a line.

Mikkel Riis Christensen

Are bait boats allowed: No
Are there any rig rules: Leaders are needed for sturgeon fishing, because of the use of braided lines.
Are there any rules on hook sizes or patterns: : No
Are there any rules on barbed hooks: No
Parking rules: Car park
Any baiting rules (spombs etc): No
Are dogs allowed: Yes
Any baits that are banned: No
How many rods are allowed: Up to 3
Is there an age limit: No
Fish care rules: Appropriate unhooking mat for the carp and catfish, minimum 42” landing net, carry carp care kit.
Any other rules: No

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