Beckerings Reservoir, Steppingley

A small irrigation reservoir with some incredible scaly mirrors to over 30lb!

Beckerings Reservoir

Day ticket or syndicate: Club ticket
How much?: Adult £90, Senior £57, Disabled £57, Intermediate £35, Junior £10, 3rd Rod Upgrade £40
How do I get a ticket?:
How busy is it?: Can be busy at weekends , quiet midweek
Can you drive to the swims?: No
On site facilities: None
Nearest tackle shop: Bleak Hall, Kempston
Average size: Mid doubles
Max realistic size: 30lb plus
Realistic catch rate: Several possible in a session
Best swims: Fish can be found in all areas
Best method: Fishing over bait in open water
Best bait: Boilies
Ideal fishing range: 40 yards
Strange rules you should know: Barbless, or micro barbs only, night fishing must be booked prior
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
Location: Steppingley, near Flitwick

Beckerings Reservoir, Steppingley

Beckerings Park Farm Reservoir is a 5 Acre irrigation reservoir and has been fished by Luton AC members since 1987 with almost the entire stock of fish being introduced by the Club since that time. The excellent fishing that Beckerings Reservoir can provide has carp to 35lb, bream to 9lb, tench over 8lb, rudd to over 3lb, roach approaching 3lb and pike to mid-twenties.

The carp are in immaculate condition. You have ever chance of an incredible looking scaly mirror!

- James Armstrong

Beckerings is an irrigation reservoir of around 5 acres. Consequently, the water levels in the reservoir do fluctuate during the summer due to the irrigation pumping that takes place, the fluctuations depend on the weather. In 1998 the level fell by 5 feet accounting for 6 Million gallons of the 24 million gallon capacity. When water levels are low it is possible to fish on the dried out lake bed in front of the platforms.The reservoir however fishes very well throughout the year regardless of the water levels.

Fishing is available from the 27 platforms and the majority of these platforms are 8′ x 6′ and there are a few larger ones, and all are separated by willows. The fishery is open all year.

In terms of tactics, the fish fall to a plethora of methods. They love their bait, so snowman rigs or pop-ups over beds of spod mix works well. On the contrary, bright singles can work well too.

In summer, don’t forget the floaters either because they love feeding on the surface.

What you will need for a session at Beckerings!


Jimmy began his angling on the river Ouse with his father fishing for roach. His passion grew quickly and soon developed a love for big-fish across the globe!