Specimen Lake, ADH Fisheries, Grimsby

Big carp aplenty but they're not a piece of cake!

Specimen Lake, ADH Fisheries, Grimsby

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket
Realistic catch rate: 1 per day
How much: £25 for 24hr
Best swim(s): All over.
How do I get a ticket: Book on Facebook
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Always somewhere to fish.
Location: Grimsby
Can you drive to the swims: No.
Best method: Solid bags or tight baiting.
On site facilities: Toilets, showers, electricity
Best bait: Only boilies and pellets allowed
Average size: 22-24lb
Max realistic size: 40lb

Specimen Lake, ADH Fisheries, Grimsby

The specimen lake is not like most day ticket waters in the area.
It’s not crammed with fish so being a medium stock, you don’t see any shows when arriving, fizzing, fish lumping out of the water etc and you have to work for it.
It’s like a blank canvas every time you arrive.

The proportion of big fish in this lake is crazy

Steven Hare

The ADH fisheries complex is set in deepest Lincolnshire, and although the lakes are surrounded by a campsite, the specimen lake is quickly becoming a popular day ticket in its own right for carp anglers in the area.

In the summer months the lake is beautiful and very mature.

The stock isn’t huge but they majority of fish are well over the 20lb mark so every bite is something worth catching, all the way up to a lake record just under 40lb.

My favourite thing about the venue is it’s different every time, the fish have real personality and change constantly to angling pressures and conditions.

Solid bags are usually my go-to tactic to start but baiting tightly and fishing accurately in general is a good place to start. Fish for one at a time and feel your way in to the lake.

Take your marker road or use a bare lead to find the underwater features on the lake. Mussel beds, deep holes, gravel bars and depths up to 16ft in places.

All of the swims produce fish depending on the day and the conditions and there isn’t really a hotspot on the lake so you can always be confident when you arrive even on the busiest of days.

The fish do move on the wind so make sure to check the front and back of the winds depending on the direction it’s pushing on the day. Be ready to up sticks and move on a new wind.

It’s a pellet and frozen boilie water only and lot of my fish have fallen to Nash Strawberry Crush in solid bags but many of the more mainstream baits produce results.


Specimen Lake, ADH Fisheries, Grimsby

Rule on boats: Allowed.
Bait rules: Only pellet and boilie.
Fish care rules: Barbless hooks and fish care equipment needed.
Rig rules: No braid, no shelflie, no zigs, no surface fishing or plastic baits.
Can I use spods/spombs?: Yes
Can I wade to land fish?: Yes

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