Soroe Lake, Denmark

Soroe is a legendary Danish 534 acre lake of pure rural carpiness surrounded by natural forest in the West of Zealand, Denmark.

Soroe Lake, Denmark

How much does it cost: £9 for 24 hours
How do you book or get a ticket:
How busy is it: Plenty of space and swims to choose from year round
Can you drive to the swims: No
Nearest tackle shop: 1 hour away
Average size of the fish: 22lb
Realistic catch rate: 1-3 fish
Best swims: The bays
Skill level to catch: Advanced
Best bait: Boilies, Hemp and Tigers
Max realistic size: 40lb
Ideal fishing range: 50-300 yards
Best rigs/method: Snowman and balanced tigers

Soroe Lake, Denmark

Big, open water, kayaks on the water and forest rising around. A Danish legend and a lake that was one of the first to house carp in the old age of Kings.

Soroe lake is unreal, it’s without doubt the most scenic place I have ever had the pleasure of wetting a line.

534 acres of natural forest surrounding carp lake in the West of Zealand, Denmark!

Mikkel Riis Christensen

You’ll need these at Soroe lake

Soroe lake is an old carp lake. It started in the days of the academy when it was a monastery and the Monks brought carp and catfish up from Germany and Holland, to consume.

There are still old fish in the lake, but more fish have been added and the lake is famous amongst carp anglers in Denmark.

Soroe is peaceful and a massive water to look at, beautiful sunsets, with the forest behind you, and locals out for a walk.

What tactics work?

Tactics that work really well include a snowman setup and double tigers, preferably balanced so they fall slowly back into position after a pickup.

Heavy leads are essential, the use of back leads too because of the lake ferry and multiple kayaks that will pass over your rigs. Use fluorocarbon if possible and pin your lines down from the end of your rods ideally.

Top tips for Soroe lake

Fishing Soroe lake isn’t for everyone, but it is hugely famous in Denmark as being one of the original places to catch carp in the country so it punches way above its weight.

Firstly, don’t expect the fish to be enormous, they average over 20lb but nothing swims in there over 40lb.

Secondly, find the clear spots near weed beds or up against the lily pads, these are consistent places to get runs on lake Soroe.

Thirdly, the fish always bolt to the nearest snags so be ready with. a boat and fish drop off leads.

Lastly, there are huge shoals of bream so make sure to avoid pellets and corn or you’ll be. catching them all day.

Who would love Soroe lake?

Soroe is a huge venue set in a deep forest environment with scenic views from every angle.

It’s not going to break records with big carp but it will be one. of the best looking. places you’ve ever fished at.

The good news is that because it is so big and doesn’t hold monster carp it is always quiet and lacks angling pressure due to where it is.

Only when there is a WCC qualifier or club Championship does it get busy.


This is a Pearl of Danish carp waters. You never know what fights on the end of the line. All the greatest qualifiers and Championships has been held at this lake. The lake is the biggest of three, located in the area, all of them with carp over 40 lb!

Soroe Lake, Denmark

Can I use a boat: To loan by pay, at the angling club (Electric motor only
Are bait boats allowed: Yes
Are there any rig rules: No
Are there any rules on hook sizes or patterns: : No
Are there any rules on barbed hooks: No
Parking rules: Designated area for parking.
Any baiting rules (spombs etc): No.
Are dogs allowed: Yes.
Any baits that are banned: No.
How many rods are allowed: Up to 4.
Is there an age limit: No.
Fish care rules: Catch and release only, carp care as standard.
Any other rules: Clean up after your self as its a public lake.

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