Poultons Lake, Berners Hall

A small venue that provides rod bending action with fish up to and over 30lb.

Poultons Lake, Berners Hall

Day ticket or syndicate: Book before you go only
Realistic catch rate: 6-10 per session
How much: £30 for 24hours
How do I get a ticket: Online
Skill level to catch: Beginner to Intermediate
How busy is it: Only you
Location: Essex
Can you drive to the swims: No
On site facilities: Tackle shop and toilets
Best bait: PVA bags and wafters
Average size: 18lb
Max realistic size: 32lb

Poultons Lake, Berners Hall

Poultons lake is only 1 acre and only has two swims, a good distance apart.

It’s full of underwater features and. has 50 carp, up to over 30lb.

It will appeal to friends or family who want plenty of bites, it’s fully fenced and surrounded by beautiful Essex farmland and countryside.

The surrounding countryside is stunning and the lake is extremely peaceful.

Wayne Box

Polutons lake offers the chance of plenty of big carp, the fishing is not hard but some thought is required. The lake is perfect for two anglers or one angler who wants a lot of room.

I love the fact that I can book the lake all to myself, being small it means that you are never too far from the fish and multiple catches of 20lb carp are the norm on Poultons.

The surrounding countryside is stunning and the lake is extremely peaceful and quiet with it’s own dedicated parking area meaning a barrow is not necessary.

Poultons Lake Tips

Personally, the solid bag approach is best. DNA Baits Crayfish mini mix and CC Moore Oily Bag mix mixed 50/50 with a DNA Baits Milky Malt or any other fluoro dumbell wafter.

Short 4 inch hooklinks from Korda Braid, size 6 barbless wide gape hook with a small piece of shrink tube to aid the turning of the rig. 2.5 or 3oz lead fished on a Avid Bag Stem.

With only two swims there are lots of options. I favour the right hand side in the widest area of the lake with solid bags fished a rod length off the far bank, the bay to the right is a good spot.

DNA baits crayfish mini mix in solid bags, the pungent fishy flavour draws the fish in with the coloured water.

Don’t put too much bait in and start spodding from the off, keep it quiet and go easy on the bait to begin with.

When you first arrive leave everything else alone and flick out 3 solid bags or small mesh bags of pellet out, an early bite is always on the cards.

In summer I’d stick to solid bags or short zigs of 3ft, similar in winter though maggots are always worth a go too.

Poultons Lake Rules, Berners Hall, Essex

Bait rules: None, one zig per angler
Dogs: No dogs
Hooks: No barbed hooks
Hook patterns: No micro barbs or crimped.
Mainline: Min 15lb
Other rules: No leaders, tubing only.

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