Meadows Lake, Holme Fen, Cambridgeshire

Holme Fen in Cambridgeshire is a lovely 26 acre private lake with a large stock of fish growing on to huge proportions over 70lb.

Meadows Lake, Holme Fen, Cambridgeshire

The Meadows lake at Holme Fen fishery is about 26 acres and full of absolute brutes.

Going down to over 40ft in place the lake holds the opportunity of a PB carp for pretty much every carp angler on the planet.

There are over 80 fish over the magical 40lb mark, with a further 40 over the 50lb barrier and the current lake record is 71lb.

A gin clear gravel pit with loads of weed and rich in natural food, The Meadows is a hugely busy and far from easy, but the rewards are truly there in abundance if things fall in your favour.

Meadows Lake, Holme Fen, Cambridgeshire

Tickets: Day Ticket
How much: £71.50 per 24 hours, 48hr minimum
How to book: In advance online
How busy: Very, usually booked up 2-months in advance
Can you drive to swims: Yes
On site facilities: Toilets
Average Size: 40lb
Max size: 70lb+
Realistic catch rate: 1-3 per session
Best rig: Anything strong and reliable.
Best bait: Bright pop ups
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate

I find that bright pink works well on The Meadows, something that stands out as the cherry on the cake.

Jamie Donaldson

There is a watercraft draw at the beginning of your session and so it really pays to obtain information before hand. Talk to the bailiff as their knowledge can be key from where the fish have been residing. Use your eyes, have a good walk around; look for bubblers, showing fish that sort of thing.

You can also keep up to date with catch reports on their website.

Bait Advice

I love tinkering with baits at I feel this really adds some value at Holme Fen.

The first thing I suggest is to add a liquid additive to your freebies. I use Odyssey XXX coated in Liquid Crab Compound. This is a very fishy combo.

I find that pink, bright work well over there, something that stands out as the cherry on the cake.

It’s all about finding the fish and when I was there I saw fish showing at range. As a result, I pinpointed a nice clear spot and fished it with a bright pop up over bait. I felt that due to me fishing longer than most, it gave me a real advantage.

Rig Suggestions

I like to employ the multi rig in conjunction with a bright pop-up. I tie this from Fox Camotex complete with a size 4 Fox Stiff Rig Straight – strong components, reliable that don’t tangle is key. The fish are very big carp and so if you hook one you want to ensure that you get it in.

Strong main line is key so I opted for 15lb GR60 a reliable bulletproof monofilament. It is weedy, so make sure you’re prepared.

Top Tips

1. Choose your swim wisely, look for fish before you start baiting.
2. Finding a clear hard spot is a must, it is very weedy.
3. Use strong, reliable tackle, they are big carp.

What To Consider On Arrival

The most important thing to consider when you arrive at Meadows Lake is how pressured the area is. Look for other anglers, the amount of lines in the water and where they are fishing to.

Try to fish quieter water if possible.

However, try try to get on the fish in the draw, this is key!


I’m by no means a regular, but from what I’ve heard the best areas are the point swim and the beach because the command the area of the lake.

But as I mention, location is so important on a heavily pressured venue so don’t go in with pre-conceived ideas.

There’s a good angling community at Holme Fen, it’s not like a syndicate or anything, it’s almost a holiday venue where the vibes are very similar to a France trip.

Meadows Lake, Holme Fen, Cambridgeshire

Barbed or barbless?: Micro-barb Only, min size 6 hooks.
Any rules on bait?: No particles or pellets unless bought onsite
Fish care: All liquids required, mats and nets need to be adequate.
Other rules: No braid, no baitboats or dogs.

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